The 10 Best Brother vs Brother Matches In WWE History

According to Bruce Prichard on Something To Wrestle, Vince McMahon truly used to believe that “brothers don’t fight, pal.” For some strange reason, the eccentric billionaire owner of the WWE couldn’t understand that every so often families can get into it with one another. Even if he couldn’t understand that could occasionally happen in real life, clearly The Chairman wouldn’t read a Bible at some point or heard about the story of Cain and Abel. Or at least would have seen the appeal of booking some of his talented sibling duos into programs with one another.

When it does happen, the built-in storyline of brother-against-brother is super relatable and everyone watching gets it. Some more than others, but the competitive spirit between siblings is very palpable. You grew up together, you know what sets each other off and how to exploit those weaknesses. When you boil it down, the matches are still good or bad based on skill and how they work together.

10 Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart (WrestleMania X)

The single best opening match to any pay-per-view ever, WrestleMania or not. Bret and Owen Hart had a compelling storyline that went all the way back to Survivor Series the previous year. Owen being the jealous brother asking the question - “if Bret’s the best, what happens when I beat him?” The thread carried throughout the night and into the summer, after Owen shockingly beat Bret, the Hitman still went on to win the WWE title later in the night. The image of all of the babyfaces celebrating with Bret while Owen looks on seething is still a powerful image all these years later.

9 Undertaker Vs. Kane (Unforgiven 1998)

The Deadman and The Big Red Machine are both tremendous giants. Against each other though? Sometimes not so much. After meeting for the first time at WrestleMania XV, their second meeting would be far more memorable.

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At Unforgiven ‘98, the Brothers Of Destruction did battle in the first ever Inferno Match. The match was ok, considering neither man ever fought around fire before. But the image of the Phenom leaping through the fire instantly became iconic.

8 Edge Vs. Christian (Rebellion 2001)

They might have been only working brothers, but the real Adam and Jay grew up together, as thick as thieves. When the storyline brothers finally broke up, the stage was set for their first match in a long time. Their first matches didn’t live up to the hype, their cage match at Rebellion was an entirely different story, a great match that saw Edge win and Christian hanging from the cage trying to desperately get free.

7 Jeff Hardy Vs. Matt Hardy (WrestleMania XXV)

At Armageddon 2008, Jeff Hardy finally captured the WWE Championship. For long time fans of the Charismatic Enigma, it was a big-time moment. Older brother Matt however couldn’t take it and an insanely jealous Matt cost Jeff the title at the Royal Rumble leading up the brothers clashing in an Extreme Rules match at WrestleMania XXV.

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The brothers beat on each other with all sorts TLC action, which eventually saw Matt surprising everyone with victory.

6 Bret Hart Vs. Owen Hart (SummerSlam 1994)

Bret and Owen already had on “match of the year,” at WrestleMania X, so they might as well do it again a few months later at SummerSlam, and in a cage. The Hart brothers must have felt right at home as if the ring was now the Dungeon they spent so many years growing up in. Instead of the bloody, brutal cage matches of yesteryear, the brothers worked a high impact physical match with the kind of photo finish that left Owen hanging, literally. Despite losing, Owen got his heat back when he and Anvil padlocked the cage and pounced in Bret until the other Harts could get in.

5 Spike And New Jack Vs. The Dudley Boys (ECW Guilty As Charged 1999)

In ECW, the Dudleys Boys were the very definition of NSFW. Their matches were gory and and their promos incited riots across the eastern seaboard. But little Spike Dudley never really saw eye to eye with Bubba Ray or Devon. As the runt of the family, he got tossed around a bit. Then he spent the better part of 98 and 99 finding all kinds of partners to help him wage war against his brothers. New Jack helped him bring the violence as only the original gangster could, and the quartet destroyed each other at Guilty As Charged.

4 Axl Rotten Vs. Ian Rotten (ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995)

One of the most gruesome hardcore matches that ever took place in America was the Taipei Death Match between Axl and Ian Rotten, The Bad Breed. At Hardcore Heaven 1995, the Rotten each taped up their fists and dipped them in broken shards of glass. Then the beat the heck out of each other with glass and later thumbtacks. Meanwhile the Public Enemy and The Gangtas brawled right through this match too. The match was a prime example of ECW insanity.

3 Dustin Rhodes Vs. Cody (AEW Double Or Nothing 2019)

The latest entry on this list isn’t a WWE match or footage owned by the WWE, but AEW’s Double Or Nothing featured one of the most emotional buildups and bouts in recent memory.

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With the AEW faithful chanting Dusty in honor of their father, themselves, and everything the Rhodes family had accomplished to this point, Cody and Dustin Rhodes stoke the show. When it all said and done, in typical Rhodes fashion the brothers came together and embraced in a moment that had grown men in tears.

2 Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chavo Guerrero (Royal Rumble 2004)

While not technically brothers, when you’re nearly three years apart and raised together you’re more like brothers than uncle and nephew. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero has fought before and after their match at the Royal Rumble 2004, but they were both on their game here, more than ever before. With less than a month away from winning the WWE title, Eddie was top of his game as he vowed to beat Chavo in the ring and then beat him up, all in front of his brother, Chavo Classic.

1 Shane McMahon Vs. Vince McMahon (WrestleMania X7)

It may not have been a brother vs. brother match, but honorable mention for family feuds goes to this one. It was a good fun brawl between father and son as part of the greatest WrestleMania of all time. Shane and Vince were already feuding when Shane bought WCW right under his dad’s nose to add fuel to the fire heading into a match that featured all four McMahons warring with each other, Trish Stratus and Linda giving Vince his comeuppance and Mick Foley as the guest referee.

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