The 10 Best Current Luchadores In Wrestling, Ranked

The term luchadore typically refers to the masked wrestlers that participate in the lucha libre style of wrestling in Mexico. Iconic performers like Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, and Psychosis helped bring international attention to the genre of wrestling when they worked for WCW. The culture has continued with Mexico’s top promotions like AAA and CMLL bringing attention to the rising stars in lucha libre.

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Promotions like WWE, AEW, New Japan, and Ring of Honor have started trying to sign luchadores that have proven to be stars. Social media and the ability to watch wrestling easily allows wrestlers to create international buzz with every promotion wanting to sign the next big star. We will look at the best wrestlers to come from the world of lucha libre. These are the top ten luchadores in the world officially ranked.

10 Kalisto

WWE signing Kalisto was a huge deal when they added him to the early stages of the NXT brand. Kalisto has a tremendous ability to work at great speed like most successful luchadores. WWE has not done much with Kalisto or the rest of the Lucha House Party faction in a few years or he’d rank higher.

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The peak accomplishment for Kalisto in WWE was winning the United States Championship. Kalisto’s matches with Ryback were some of the surprising breakout performances for him in 2016. The question is if WWE will ever give him that spotlight again.

9 Aero Star

The reputation of Aero Star is that he does the most ridiculous moves in matches that make you question his sanity. AAA is the home promotion of Aero Star where he often dives off the tallest structures in the building on the bigger events.

Aero Star was a fixture in Lucha Underground and has recently made appearances in Impact Wrestling. The unique style adds to the appeal as any match that he wrestles is worth checking out. Aero Star is clearly a top luchadore with room to move up the list.

8 Psycho Clown

Psycho Clown may not have the same level of star power in the United States as some of the other names on this list, but he clearly is a massive draw in Mexico. The fans that attend the AAA shows often greet him with the biggest ovation on most nights.

AAA’s New York City show even saw the Psycho Clown mask as a hot seller for fans attending the event. The character work and generally fun appeal of Psycho Clown made him a huge superstar for AAA and one of the top luchadores in the world.

7 Flamita

The outstanding Flamita moves around the ring at a lightning quick speed that adds to all his matches. AAA made Flamita a relevant name earlier in the decade before he made the Japanese promotion Dragon Gate his wrestling home in recent years.

Flamita appears in the United States quite often for appearances with top independent promotion PWG. The recent joint shows between Ring of Honor and Rev Pro in the United Kingdom saw Flamita as part of the events with impressive performances.

6 Gran Metalik

Gran Metalik was a successful performer for CMLL and New Japan before landing an opportunity with WWE. Triple H brought in many international talents for the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016. The impressive work of Gran Metalik made him arguably the biggest breakout star.

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WWE has rarely used Gran Metalik with much importance since signing him. The 205 Live brand rarely sees him in the title picture and the Lucha House Party struggles to gain television time on the main roster. Gran Metalik is still a top luchadore as he’d be a huge free agent if he left WWE.

5 Dragon Lee

The rise of Dragon Lee has seen him become one of the top young stars in the industry. CMLL saw Dragon Lee become a face of the company over the past five years before his run ended in 2019. Other promotions have made him a bigger part of their future.

New Japan has booked Dragon Lee as a huge addition to the junior heavyweight division including a title win at the important show in Madison Square Garden. Ring of Honor has also made him a huge part of their company after losing many talents to AEW.

4 Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid has become a relevant wrestler on the international circuit after making his name in AAA where he is currently the AAA World Cruiserweight Champion. The luchadore can mix it up with wrestlers of different styles to find great success as seen by his track record in various promotions.

AEW brought in Laredo Kid for a main event worthy match when PAC was unable to appear at Fyter Fest. Laredo Kid teamed with Fenix and Pentagon Jr. against Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Impact Wrestling have also booked Laredo Kid in 2019.

3 Pentagon Jr.

Lucha Underground helped introduce American fans to some of the top luchadores in the world. Pentagon Jr. was a breakout star in the first season of the show to gain more bookings. Impact Wrestling would Pentagon one of the faces of the company with an Impact World Championship reign.

The rise of Pentagon made him a top free agent when his contract was expiring. Pentagon is currently a strong part of the AEW roster teaming with his brother Rey Fenix. AAA still uses him as a major draw since fans all over the world have fallen in love with his talent.

2 Bandido

The rise of Bandido has seen him become a top luchadore all over the world. Bandido is just 24 years old, but he already performs at a high level that few can match. The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes booked him in the main event of All In teaming with Rey Mysterio and Fenix against the Bucks and Kota Ibushi.

This put him on the radar of every wrestling promotion with Ring of Honor signing him to a contract. Bandido has been arguably the best part of ROH as they struggled to rebuild. The impressive work of Bandido in ROH, PWG, and NJPW has made him a top tier luchadore.

1 Rey Fenix

Rey Fenix is often viewed as the next line of lucha libre crossover potential after Rey Mysterio’s legendary career. The incredible work of Fenix sees him deliver classic matches against all opponents from his brother Pentagon Jr. to Kenny Omega to anyone placed in front of him.

Fenix dazzles with incredible athleticism and creativity in all his matches. Outstanding runs in Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling and PWG landed him a contract teaming with Pentagon in AEW as the Lucha Brothers. Fenix is a must-watch luchadore with his current work coming in AEW and AAA.

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