10 Best ECW Factions Of All Time, Ranked

When thinking of ECW many people think of top singles stars such as Sabu, Mick Foley, or RVD, and perhaps overlook some of the fantastic factions that were created from the wild mind of Paul Heyman during that time.

Whilst ECW didn't manage to make a faction on the level of the nWo or D-Generation X, the extreme brand certainly had several very impressive (and some, not so impressive) factions during its run.

Within this article, we will take a look back at 10 factions that were created during ECW's run, ranking them from worst to best.

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10 Extreme Expose


Starting the list off with a faction that was created during WWE's version of ECW on Sci-Fi, the Extreme Expose consisted of Kelly Kelly, Brooke, and Layla, and really was a faction to forget about.

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The faction only lasted a few months and was WWE's attempt to make things a little more 'extreme' with the group putting on provocative dance routines each week as the company looked to add some sex appeal to the show to make it seem different.

Whilst that aspect of things certainly caught the eyes of the fans, for obvious reasons, the group really served little purpose in-terms of storylines and failed to make a long-lasting mark on the product.

9 Da Baldies


The name of this faction alone should explain why it wasn't a surprise that the group was not a major success, with the entire reason the stable was put together being down to the fact all the members were, well, bald.

Featuring; Angel, Tony DeVito, Vic Grimes, PN Neuz, Redd Dogg, Vito LoGrasso, and Rod Price made up this group simply did not belong at a promotion of ECW's size and they were simply a joke of a faction.

Da Baldies were used as glorified jobbers, and thankfully were not taken too seriously, often putting over other names such as New Jack and Axl Rotten,

8 Full Blooded Italians

The Full Blooded Italians worked for various different companies, from WWE to TNA, but the faction was originally created in ECW and was a comedy stable that saw J.T. Smith work with Val Puccio as well as Tracy Smothers, and Tommy Rich, with Little Guido also joining the ranks.

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The group tended to lean heavily on the comedic side of things, entering to a remix of the hit Stayin Alive, often challenging their opponents to dance-offs, which would still fit in with WWE today.

Towards the end of their run with ECW, the Full Blooded Italians finally became a little more serious, feuding over the ECW World Tag Team Championships, which allowed them to showcase their in-ring skills a little more.

7 The Alliance


Whilst this faction didn't take place on ECW television, it consisted of ECW talents alongside WCW stars during the Invasion storyline WWE, which remains one of the most talked-about storylines in history, for better or worse.

Led by Shane McMahon, the wrestling world was stunned when ECW stars such as RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and the Dudley Boyz joined forces with WCW in an attempt to overthrow the WWE locker room.

Even though The Alliance nor the Invasion angle itself reached its ultimate potential, this is still one of the largest groups of talent in the history of wrestling.

6 The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat was ECW's answer to The Four Horsemen, with Shane Douglas making it clear that he felt Ric Flair had held him back during his time in WCW with the Nature Boy being one of the bookers at the time.

Following a similar principle, The Triple Threat believed they were the best in professional wrestling,  and they had a successful time running from 1995 to 1998, with Douglas enjoying a run as ECW Champion whilst it happened.

The original trio saw Douglas joined by Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (quite the group), with later versions featuring the likes of RVD and Bam Bam Bigelow.

5 The Unholy Alliance

The Unholy Alliance really were exactly what it says on the tin, unexpected but they worked incredibly well, with Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck having great chemistry together both in and out of the ring.

With The Sinister Minister working as the manager of the team, they managed to be very successful together, enjoying a run as Tag Team Champions, feuding with other factions in the company.

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The trio even reunited during ECW's One Night Stand PPV, showing the popularity that they had, with a great connection with the fans.

4 The Dangerous Alliance

This faction was originally started in the AWA but burst into the big time during their run with WCW, and eventually made its way into ECW, with Paul Heyman introducing the group featuring Shane Douglas and Sherri Martel.

Dangerously saw many different members take part with the likes of Sabu, 911, and The Tazmaniac all joining the faction, causing chaos wherever they went and ensuring that their presence was known.

Even though the group never reached its full potential, in WCW or ECW, they are certainly well remembered and talked about to this day, making their mark on the product.

3 The Dudley Brothers

Even though most people think of just Bubby Ray and D-Von when it comes to the Dudley Brothers, with the duo going on to become one of the greatest tag teams in the history of professional wrestling.

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However, the tag team actually started out as a full-on faction with tons of different members of the Dudley family, from Sign Guy Dudley to Snot Dudley and many more in what was a very fun group.

ECW put tons of time into the Dudley family, and whilst Bubba and D-Von were the ones who were able to make a major success for themselves with the gimmick, the entire family played a major role in ECW's success.

2 Blue World Order

They might have started out as ECW's parody of the New World Order, which is one of the biggest factions of all time, but in the end, the Blue World Order was able to get over incredibly and created a lasting legacy.

The group, consisting of Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Nova was only meant to be a one-off deal at the November to Remember event, but the fans ended up finding them so entertaining that they ended up being kept on full-time.

Whilst the B.W.O was never taken overly seriously and was very much a comedic group, it provided great balance in comparison to some of the more hardcore elements of the ECW product and is still fondly remembered today.

1 Raven's Nest

Raven is one of the most criminally underrated wrestlers of all-time and his run in ECW saw some of his best work take place, including his epic feuds with Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman.

During that time, he would all upon his allies in the Raven's Nest to do his bidding in what was a creepy and incredibly entertaining faction that featured various names from Stevie Richards to Cactus Jack and more.

Raven continued to create factions everywhere he went in his career, making The Flock in WCW, and The Dead Pool in TNA, but it was all started with Raven's Nest, the original, and still the greatest faction in ECW history.

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