The 10 Best Factions In WCW History, Ranked

Factions and stables have been around in wrestling for nearly as long as the sport itself has been televised. With so much segmentation in the past due to The Territories, it’s hard to tell which faction, or which group was the first one. There were early incarnations of Jimmy Hart’s First Family in Memphis, which included Andy Kaufman; the Legion Of Doom in Mid-South, which had Jake Roberts and the Road Warriors; the Heenan Family in the AWA and later WWE; and Devastation, Inc in Texas to name a few.

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Great memorable factions are always something to behold. It evokes a team sport spirit to what is usually a singular sport. To fans, it allows you and all your friends to refer to yourselves as Horsemen or Degenerates or the Kliq and most recently, the Elite. WCW might not have gotten a lot of things right, especially towards the end. But for the most part, their factions were all pretty memorable. Here are The 10 Best Factions In WCW History, Ranked.

10 The Four Horsemen

Arn Anderson said dozens of times over the years, holding up the four fingers is the symbol of excellence in the sport. Excluding a few anomalies that should’ve never been asked to be Horsemen, The Enforcer was right. The Four Horsemen wasn’t the first faction, but it was and still is the most influential.

The nWo and DX don’t exist without the Horsemen, Evolution and the Undisputed Era are near-carbon copies of Horsemen squads. The quartet of deliverance was the first group to breakthrough and be recognized by sports and music stars as well as their peers.

9 The Original New World Order

Every wrestling fan heralds the nWo, but seldom in these lists does any fan speak the truth - the New World Order sucked! The Wolfpac, nWo 2000, The Black and White, even the lWo, it all was (insert raspberry noise). But the original trio is what everyone really came to see and remember.

The trio reeked all kinds of havoc on WCW and made fans and even some of the boys think that there was a real invasion happening. The cops were called when Nash heaved Mysterio into the truck! It was when the 153 other guys that joined up is when the faction started to lose merit.

8 The Dangerous Alliance

With the original and second incarnations of the Four Horsemen gone, WCW felt the need to start another faction. They essentially recreated the Horsemen but with a new cast. Paul E. Dangerously as JJ with Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, and Bobby Eaton rounding out the four.

They added Madusa as their valet, and also and up-and-coming rookie to their ranks in Steve Austin. The team had taken part in what many say is the best War Games match ever, against Sting’s Squadron at Wrestle War ‘92.

7 Team Canada

Lance Storm might be the best and most crisp worker WCW had in the company’s declining years. But with all due respect, the guy didn’t have a lot of charisma. That became part of his character when he would ask the crowd to allow him to be serious. But he also was so good in the ring that he started amassing championships and followers.

His Team Canada had renamed the US Title, Cruiserweight, and Hardcore titles into the Canadian Heavyweight, 100 Kilos And Under, and the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title.

6 The Filthy Animals

With the WWE on a roll in the ratings and WCW bobsledding into ruin, the company were trying anything to get back on the right side of ratings. Real-life friends Eddie Guerrero, Kidman, Konan, Rey Mysterio, and Juventud became the Filthy Animals, even allowed Disco Inferno to hang out with them.

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In the spirit of another group of degenerate friends, the Animals began as a cool group of guys who did whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted to do it to. But like latter-day WCW, no one knew how to capitalize on what this group of talent was fully capable of.

5 The Diamond Mine

The Hall Of Fame Yogi, DDP tried every old-school Carney trick in the book to find a gimmick that stuck. In the end, as the old saying goes he just had to be himself. Long before that, he had not one, but two different factions that would help propel several stars to fame.

He updated the Exchange from the AWA and debuted the Diamond Mine in WCW. The squad featured not just the Freebirds, but Scotty Flamingo, Vinnie Vegas, and The Diamond Studd. Most fans know those three as Raven, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall.

4 Team Madness

Team Madness didn’t have a lot of members who wrestled matches all of the time, but the image of a jacked-up Randy Savage, three buxom-blondes, and four, if you count Sid Vicious might be the best version of Savage since his WWE days.

Savage always knew that surrounding himself with beautiful women would only help him (Elizabeth, Sherri), now he was paired with Madusa, the future Molly Holly, and Gorgeous George finally helped make his WCW run memorable. It also propelled him towards his fourth and final world title.

3 The Nitro Girls

The never wrestled a match. They barely were involved in any angles. But every red-blooded wrestling fan remembers Kimberly, Fyre, Whisper, and the bevy of beauties known as the Nitro Girls. One of Eric Bischoff’s great contributions to the sport, The Nitro Girls were at events to keep the crowd entertained during commercials.

They once held a search to find the newest Nitro Girl - Skye, who we’d all come to know and adore as Stacy Keibler. They would go on to be involved in some angles during the end of WCW, but since none of them were trained how to be part of wrestling, only certain ones really shine through at that point.

2 The Revolution

Before they fled to WWE and became the Radicalz, Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn were The Revolution. Along with Shane Douglas, the group formed feeling slighted by WCW higher brass, which was also true behind the scenes.

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Thanks to Vince Russo, the group also became anti-government as well. The team disbanded once the Radicalz all left for the WWE.

1 Millionaires Club

Try as they might to book them as the heels, always holding down the young lions of WCW, the fans just couldn’t get enough of the supergroup, the Millionaires Club. Who wouldn’t want to see all of their favorite top stars in one massive faction - Hulk, Sting, Flair, DDP, Sid, Nash, Hennig, Luger, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, Savage, and Booker T.

While the concept of them being heels was ill-conceived, this was almost every major player ever. The Club was revived in a smaller form in TNA as The Main Event Mafia.

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