10 Best Frog Splashes In Wrestling History, Ranked

The frog splash is one of the most beloved and successful finishing moves in wrestling history. Wrestlers with the ability to fly off the top rope have given them the option to use a move like this for stronger fan support. Quite a few wrestlers would have the frog splash as their finisher as the audience would cheer when they even teased climbing the top rope.

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The visual of the frog splash is already beautiful with the wrestler jumping off the top rope and using the frog motion before landing with strong impact. A few wrestlers would make it a secondary move in recent years, but the wrestlers most associated with the maneuver closed out matches with it. Find out which talents had the best versions of the move. These are the top ten frog splashes in wrestling history officially ranked.

10 Rey Mysterio

The passing of Eddie Guerrero left a hole in the wrestling industry of a performer that could not be paralleled. Guerrero’s close friends wanted to honor him by using some of his moves in matches to celebrate their fallen friend.

Rey Mysterio adopted the frog splash and still uses it to this day as a follow-up to the 619. The frog splash of Mysterio is not worthy of the top of the list, but it is good enough to make the top ten. Mysterio gets high air before landing and often scoring the victory.

9 AJ Styles

AJ Styles is among the most talented overall performers in the world. The journey from TNA to New Japan to WWE would see Styles have countless classics against many of the other best wrestlers in the industry.

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TNA was the place that Styles tried using a frog splash as one of his secondary finishers to the Styles Clash. The frog splash of AJ was quite impressive and would have fit in well as his overall finisher. However, it would be hard to argue with the results of the Style Clash as an iconic move.

8 Art Barr

The career of Art Barr makes him one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the industry. Barr was a superstar in the lucha libre scene in Mexico with outstanding matches in AAA. The frog splash of Barr was a thing of beauty.

Eddie Guerrero teamed with Barr and began doing his version of the frog splash as a nod of respect. Barr made the move famous in Mexico as his delivery showcased the pure beauty of such an aerial move making an impact in dangerous fashion.

7 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has used the frog splash as one of his signature moves in recent years. It is not a move Owens uses every match like the pop-up powerbomb and stunner finishers. However, the move does land a huge impact on his opponent and gets a huge pop from the crowd.

JBL used to refer to it as a bullfrog splash given the harder impact from Owens. The move is usually brought out during the big matches of Owens that last longer and require him digging into his bag of tricks to pull off a win.

6 Christian

The 2010s run of Christian in WWE saw him return as a better all-around performer after having a main event run in TNA. Christian decided to change some things up from what fans remembered. The new finisher of a frog splash was right there with the Unprettier as his go-to move.

Christian delivered a beautiful version of the frog splash that let the audience get a fun spot towards the end of his match. One must wonder how cool it would have been if Christian used the frog splash back when he teamed with Edge in those TLC matches.

5 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the current WWE stars that has a tremendous frog splash. Much like the story of Kevin Owens, Rollins uses the frog splash in special matches when it requires him bringing out a deeper offense to put down his opponent.

The finishers of Rollins remain the curb stomp and pedigree. Many fans might want to see Rollins change it to the frog splash given how impressive his move is. Rollins gets as much air as anyone that has ever executed the move to make it look beautiful.

4 Hiroshi Tanahashi

Hiroshi Tanahashi is a legendary figure in New Japan wrestling. The comparisons are that Tanahashi would be the NJPW version of what John Cena was to WWE. Tanahashi plays a pure face character and uses the frog splash under the name of the High Fly Flow.

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The outstanding work of Tanahashi has provided some of the all-time great wrestling matches. Tanahashi typically wins his match with the High Fly Flow. One fun variation is that he often hits the move on opponents standing instead of just on their backs.

3 D'Lo Brown

The rise of D'Lo Brown in the Attitude Era made him an important fixture in the Nation of Domination faction. Once The Rock took over, the members tried to showcase more personality and Brown always came off as one of the better stars in the group.

D’Lo was known for his finishing move of the Lo Down aka the frog splash. There was even a storyline where Brown wore a chest protector to get more impact with the move punishing his opponent. Before the next two names joined WWE, D’Lo was known for having the best frog splash.

2 Rob Van Dam

The wrestling style of Rob Van Dam featured him taking huge risks without thinking twice about them. It only made sense that Van Dam would use the Five-Star Frog Splash finisher to dazzle the audience. The air from RVD would make his frog splash stand out as a special move.

Fans always lost their mind when Van Dam even teased the move. One difference in the landing of RVD’s frog splash was that he would in so much pain that he needed to wait a second or two before scoring the pin. Despite that, the move was still success enough to make Van Dam a legend.

1 Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero deserves the top spot of the frog splash Mount Rushmore due to the grace, execution and impact. The graceful nature of his frog splash saw him move in the air with ease while always landing perfectly on his target.

Guerrero’s frog splash was different from Rob Van Dam since he was able to pin his opponent in one motion to instantly score his wins. The frog splash helped Eddie become one of the most beloved legends in the history of the industry.

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