10 Best Jim Ross Quotes During His Announcing Career

Jim 'JR' Ross is the best wrestling announcer of all time. There's something to be said for recency bias, declining quality, other factors, but no voice is tied to more iconic moments than Good Ol' JR's. Many have said it, but Jim Ross has that vital ability to make a good match great and a great match legendary. Only NXT's Mauro Ranallo can claim to have that same quality in mainstream wrestling today, and he's equally rare as JR in passion and profundity.

When you set out to compile the best JR quotes, not even tied to specific matches but just moments in general, it's a mighty big call. Luckily, JR is the king of the 'big call' and so this list could've been a top 25 or 40 just as easily. You'll recognize these from being replayed and inserted into hype promos throughout wrestling history, not even just WWE. Here are the spine-tingling, goosebump-raising, most indelible quotes from Oklahoma's favorite son.

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10 Good God Almighty! They've Killed Him! - Hell In A Cell '98

There was zero chance this match and these moments weren't going to make the list, so let's do them their justice. Mankind being thrown off of the top of the Hell In A Cell structure will be replayed when historians look back and remember that forgotten 'art form' colloquially known as 'Professional Wrestling', it's that iconic. Ross' call instantly stamped it as such. JR's instinctual reaction to the sight of his friend Mick Foley soaring through the Spanish announcer's table shall never lose its impact. As JR later quipped about his reaction being real, that call 'had a pulse'.

9 Aww, Sunovabitch! - The Higher Power Reveal - Raw '99

Sometimes JR captures what the audience is thinking down to the syllable. As WWE looked to recapture the tsunami of momentum from the height of Austin's popularity, this recursive turn back to 'Evil' Mr. McMahon brought out this exclamation. After a run of inventive, action-packed drama this turn back to familiar territory likely had people in their lounge rooms in chorus with JR's exact words and so they went down in history.

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8 The Heavyweight Champion... Of This World - WM XX

A moment retroactively made tragic, Jim Ross' calling of Benoit's odyssey culmination rises above regardless. With his voice seconds from failing him, curdled with emotion and passion, JR delivers. Jim Ross knows the epic twisting journey Chris Benoit made to get this chance in the Wrestlemania main event and told it for all to appreciate. The breaking emotional moment came right after uttering these words, as Benoit hopped off of the turnbuckle and came face-t0-face with the WWE Champion, a crying, applauding Eddie Guerrero. If you didn't have tears, you didn't have a heart, and JR made sure it went into the annals.

7 Will Somebody Stop The Damn Match!!!! - Hell In A Cell '98

The only match that you absolutely cannot deny multiple entries on this list. Mankind's second fall, this time through the roof of the Cell, had JR apoplectic. By all accounts, JR wasn't so much commentating as voicing genuine fear and concern for his real-life friend Mick Foley. We could all feel the desperate revulsion JR had for the state of things by this point, watching Mick crumpled and unconscious in the middle of the ring. Even with his genuine concern on full display, JR collected himself and called a legendary end to the match to top things off. There's a reason he's the best.

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6 Oh God! Oh No! I Refuse To Believe What I See! - SummerSlam '02

Shawn Michaels V Triple H from SummerSlam '02 is as close to the most complete Jim Ross call as there is. A nearly flawless match with a compelling story and JR in A1 form combined for an endlessly quotable match-up. When a mere nip-up gets the crowd out of their seats and JR compliments it like only he can, you know you're watching and hearing something special. The end of the match, after Shawn jackknifed Triple H for the pin only to be waylaid by The Game with a sledgehammer brought JR to his final peak of proceedings and gave us the above quote.

5 Climb The Ladder, Kid! Make Yourself Famous! - Raw '02

The quintessential underdog effort made immortal by JR's emotional call. The Undertaker at the height of his biker bully mode met the Charismatic Daredevil and it was magic. Over the course of the Ladder Match, we fans slowly came around to the impossible idea that Jeff Hardy had a chance. When Jeff caved in The Undertaker's head with a vile chair shot and once again tried to ascend to the Undisputed Championship, JR was rocking and rolling on commentary. This line grabbed everyone who heard it and forced you to believe despite yourself.

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4 For The Love Of Everything That Is Good! - WM 22

JR freely admits to a mighty bias in this match between Vince and HBK but it doesn't do a thing to lessen his impact. Relishing the demise of the evil Mr. McMahon for good reason, Ross lights into Vince at every opportunity. This moment though, he can't hold back exclaiming over the sheer absurd brutality Shawn inflicts on the chairman. With Vince encased within a trashcan and laid out on a table, Shawn hops atop an XXL ladder and drops his signature elbow. If you want Jim Ross relishing someone's demise, this is the match to tune into.

3 Tyson And Austin! Tyson And Austin! - Raw '98

Many times there's a gradual growth to these calls. The ride begins slow and boils up to the peak and only then is JR bellowing into our living rooms, but not in this case. As Stone Cold holds court in the ring berating Mike Tyson to his face, Jim Ross doesn't utter a word. Only when the scuffle ensues does JR go from 0-100 in no time at all with this classic phrase. He explodes on the mic as the action does in the ring. Every spray is an iconic line, but this first one can't be topped.

2 Simmons Has Won The Belt! Simmons Is Champion! - WCW '92

Not only a moment of significance but one of the first stamped with Jim Ross' ability to heighten things that are already great. In WCW Big Van Vader was known as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with but on this night Ron Simmons ascended to the World Heavyweight Championship despite him. A sudden power slam and JR was seemingly out of his seat with excitement you could feel through the screen. As the crowd exploded in joy so did he, and one of the first truly 'JR' calls was locked in forevermore.

1 Austin's Got McMahon! Austin's Got McMahon! - Raw '98

After Kane and The Undertaker scored a joint pinfall over Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship, Vince organized an in-ring presentation. Ostensibly to present one of those two men the WWF Championship, it was Austin who ruined things in a totally new way. Whereas the 'Tyson and Austin' call was JR going from 0-100 in record time, this was the events that precipitated JR to match their suddenly skyrocketed intensity. With no warning of the craziness about to occur and no time to adequately adjust from when Austin appeared riding the Zamboni to when he launched off of it to clothesline Vince in the ring, Ross burst into one of his finest calls ever in record time.

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