10 Best Matches Of Big Show's Career

The career of Big Show is inching towards the end as his time in WWE is quite limited these days. Big Show joined the WWE roster in 1999 after leaving WCW. The long stint of Big Show in WWE would see him have just about every role possible. The legend has been a face, heel, main eventer, lower card act, comedic performer, serious character and everything else in between.

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Despite not being known as the most impressive in-ring competitor compared to the likes of Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle, Big Show had his fair share of memorable matches. We will look at the best bouts to feature him as one of the competitors. All these bouts played a role in him earning the respect of his peers and the fan base. Find out just which ones stand out with the top ten matches of Big Show.

10 Big Show vs Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 2002)

The match between Big Show and Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2002 was rather short, but it showed the power of storytelling. Lesnar would lose his undefeated streak in a shocking 5 minutes of must-see action. The F5 from Brock to Big Show had Madison Square Garden losing their minds.

Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman however turned on him, lured him into the chasing the heel and ate a choke slam from Big Show to lose the WWE Championship. Respected star Kevin Owens included this match on his WWE Network selections as it showed that you only need a few minutes to make an impact with the right story.

9 Big Show vs Braun Strowman (Raw - April 17, 2017)

Big Show helped make Braun Strowman look like a top superstar during his path to the main event scene. Strowman had instant chemistry with Big Show as the two giants moved around the ring with ease bouncing off each other.

The match ended in memorable fashion with the ring breaking and the crowd reacting in awe. This was not the first time WWE did this spot, but it played a huge role in the fan support for Strowman growing in 2017. Raw ended in tremendous fashion with this entertaining bout.

8 Big Show and Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels and Triple H (TLC 2009)

The outstanding tag team run of Big Show and Chris Jericho showcased how well makeshift duos can work if they’re on the same page. Shawn Michaels and Triple H became their top rival towards the end of 2009 as both teams squared off in a TLC match.

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All four wrestlers were known for singles success which added some importance to the tag division after WWE floundered with it for a few years. The match was quite entertaining with Jericho and Big Show taking a few vicious bumps before putting over DX.

7 Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather (WrestleMania 24)

Big Show deserves huge respect for his work in the feud with boxer Floyd Mayweather. WWE pulled off a big attraction by getting the undefeated boxer to wrestle a match on WrestleMania 24 while showcasing his heel attitude.

Fans tuned in to see the smaller boxer mix it up with WWE’s largest athlete. The two had a solid bout with weapons in play making up for Mayweather’s inexperience. WrestleMania 24 was a smash hit with Mayweather vs Big Show as the top attraction match on the card.

6 Big Show vs Kane vs Raven (WrestleMania 17)

The triple threat match between Big Show, Kane and Raven delivered an underrated and delightful Hardcore Championship match that flies under the radar. WrestleMania 17 is remembered as arguably the best show in company history with every match delivering, including this one.

Kane, Raven and Big Show fought all over the venue with actions like throwing each other through glass windows, running each other over with golf carts and other insane things. The finish saw Kane hit a leg drop off the stage to get the pin and become Hardcore Champion.

5 Big Show vs Brock Lesnar (Judgment Day 2003)

The feud with Brock Lesnar might be the most impressive of Big Show’s career looking back at their matches. 2003 would see them face off in a stretcher match for the WWE Championship main eventing the Judgment Day 2003 PPV.

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The size of Big Show was the story was Lesnar struggled with placing him on a stretcher and taking him to the finish line. A forklift was used in creative fashion as Brock outwrestled and outsmarted Big Show in one of the better WWE stretcher matches.

4 Big Show vs Sheamus (Hell in a Cell 2012)

One of the biggest surprise success stories of Big Show’s career came in 2002 during a feud with Sheamus for the World Championship. Very few fans expected the matches to be good or for Big Show to score a win over the heavily pushed new top face.

Both men beat the hell out of each other in a violent match at the Hell in a Cell 2012 event. Big Show scored the shocking win to become the new World Champion. It was a tremendous moment late in Big Show’s career for him to win the title in such a great match.

3 Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio (Smackdown: January 8, 2013)

The World Championship title reign of Big Show lasted a few months before a feud with Alberto Del Rio in early 2013. Del Rio was now a face and squared off with Big Show in a Last Man Standing match in the main event of Smackdown on January 8,2013.

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This was a spectacular match with both guys using a few weapons to add to the fun. Del Rio scored the win to become the new World Champion. Big Show did a superb job putting over Alberto as a top face before WWE booking used him horribly during feuds with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

2 Big Show vs Roman Reigns (Extreme Rules 2015)

The WrestleMania 31 main event loss of Roman Reigns had his character in a tough spot. Most expected things to get worse when entering a feud with Big Show. Despite the credibility as a legend, Big Show wasn’t known for having the most exciting matches at the time.

Reigns however had one of the first major breakout singles performances of his career against Big Show at Extreme Rules 2015. Fans in Chicago started the Last Man Standing match looking to heckle Reigns, but both guys did such a good job that they were emotionally invested in Roman’s win by the end.

1 Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (Vengeance 2003)

The best match of Big Show’s career came in 2003 in the Smackdown main event picture. Brock Lesnar was defending the WWE Championship against his rival Big Show and the returning Kurt Angle in a triple threat match that main evented Vengeance 2003.

All three guys showed incredible chemistry this night with Big Show getting thrown around the ring a few times with the amazing selling. Angle scored the win to become the WWE Champion as a face after hitting impressive Angle Slams on both competitors.

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