Locked Down: The 10 Best Matches Of The Usos

They've been "down since day one-ish" and become one of the best tag teams in WWE history. Jimmy and Jey, The Usos, are simply unbelievable professional wrestlers that have been keeping the WWE tag team scene alive throughout their careers. Even though they haven't always been blessed with the greatest storylines and they certainly haven't been featured as much at a main event level, The Usos have always put on incredible matches regardless of their spot on the card.

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From their babyface days when they danced to the ring with face paint, to their amazing heel run where they put the entire WWE roster on lockdown, they have had a brilliant, Hall Of Fame run with the company. Throughout their time with WWE, the brothers have put on some amazing matches, but what are the 10 greatest matches in The Usos' careers?

10 The Usos vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (Money In The Bank 2014)

This was an electric way to kick start a very good PPV as The Usos and the two Wyatt Family members tore the house down, just as they did every time they got into the ring together.

With Harper and Rowan dominating with their size and strength advantage and The Usos taking to the air to catch them out, their personal in-ring styles blended together incredibly well. The match included some fantastic spots, including Harper hitting a huge suicide dive to the outside, but ultimately, it was the brothers who picked up the win to retain their titles.

9 American Alpha vs The Usos (SmackDown Live 2017)

It is a real shame that WWE didn't fully commit with American Alpha because this match was a perfect example of just how much fun they could have been on the main roster. The Usos were one of the dream opponents for the former NXT Tag Team Champions, and this did not disappoint.

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Sadly, this classic was buried away on an episode of SmackDown, meaning many may have missed it, but it is certainly one that is worth rewatching on the Network. The final stretch of this match was done at breakneck speed, including a moonsault to the floor as well as a belly-to-belly. Nobody held anything back here, making it an incredible bout.

8 The Usos vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper (Battleground 2014)

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will go down as one of The Usos' greatest ever rivals, with the two teams having a collection of fantastic matches. But their best match came at Battleground in 2014.

With WWE clearly recognizing the fact that the two teams had great chemistry, a two-out-of-three falls stipulation was added to the match, extending the time they had in the ring together and adding a new dynamic to things. Rowan and Harper picked up the first fall and The Usos were forced to dig deep in order to get the second and third fall, bringing an end to this epic feud in style.

7 The Usos vs Ricochet & Aleister Black vs The Bar vs Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura (WrestleMania 35)

This match might have gotten lost in the shuffle on a very long night packed full of matches at WrestleMania 35, but this fatal four-way was exactly what good tag team wrestling should be: a lot of fun.

With a lot of competitors and not a lot of time, all four teams had to work quickly to get their stuff in and that's exactly what they did, starting at a frantic pace and not slowing down at any point. Every single team had a moment within the match where they were allowed to shine, which really helped establish them.

6 The New Day vs The Usos vs Lucha Dragons (TLC 2015)

Whenever you put tag teams into a ladder match scenario, they always seem to come out with gold, and this is a perfect example of that with all three teams putting their bodies on the line to create an epic match.

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Few will forget the insane Salida Del Sol that Kalisto hit from the top of a ladder, crashing through another ladder, in what is one of the best spots in modern wrestling. Each team had time to shine in a match full of crazy moments, and while this isn't a prime example of classic tag team wrestling, it is certainly a brilliant match.

5 The Bar vs The Usos (SurvivorSeries 2017)

WWE had a champion vs champion match at Survivor Series 2017 when the Raw Tag Team Champions collided with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, which saw The Usos take on The Bar in a tag team clinic.

The Bar managed to grow quickly from singles wrestlers to being a well-oiled tag team, and this was a prime example of that as they matched up with the best team in the company. The bout was incredibly physical as they brawled and isolated individual members of each team, but in the end, it was The Usos who scored the win for the blue brand.

4 The Usos vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (Fastlane 2015)

This is another brilliant match in The Usos; impressive catalog of matches, with the two teams putting on an amazing back-and-forth match that was incredibly competitive from start to finish.

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This is a major example of why it is such a shame that Tyson Kidd's career came to an end when it did. He and Cesaro were well on their way to becoming an incredible tag team. However, this match will always stand the test of time and is one that is worth rewatching, just to see how much fun The Usos in their old characters were.

3 The Usos vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (Money In The Bank 2013)

When people think about The Shield as a team, they often go straight to their epic feud with the Wyatt Family. But they also mixed things up with The Usos a lot as well, and this Money In The Bank kick-off match is an example of how good they were together.

Because all four men have gone on to much bigger and better things, this match often gets forgotten about. Yet it remains one of the best in The Usos' career and was actually the match that put them on the map as a top team in the company. Even though this wasn't to be the night they captured the tag team gold, they came incredibly close and certainly got the fans behind them.

2 The New Day vs The Usos (SummerSlam 2017 Kick Off)

The Usos have always made the best out of their situation, and they certainly did that at SummerSlam 2017 when they stole the entire show with The New Day before the main card had even begun. Fans couldn't believe that a match of this caliber had been relegated to the pre-show slot, and clearly, neither could the WWE Superstars involved. They went out and put on a classic to prove a clear point that they belonged on the main card.

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The Usos came out victorious, capturing the SmackDown Tag Team Titles for the second time in their careers in what was undoubtedly the greatest match in the history of WWE's pre-show.

1 The New Day vs The Usos (Hell In A Cell 2017)

There is a reason that The New Day and The Usos' feud in 2017 was the best of the year, and it is a travesty that they didn't get a straight tag team match at WrestleMania that year. But this Hell in a Cell match was their big pay-off battle.

After an incredible feud against each other, everything boiled down inside the steel structure in a match that actually felt fitting of the gimmick. This was not only one of the best tag team matches ever, but it was one of the best Hell in a Cell matches ever as well. The two teams gave each other everything they had, adding some unique spots that have never been seen before inside the demonic structure. It is an incredible match and one that every wrestling fan simply needs to see.

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