The 10 Best NXT Tag Team Champions, Ranked

NXT has finally proven to fans that they are not only on the same level as Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, but they might even be better in many areas of professional wrestling. This includes their tag team scene, even though Raw and SmackDown had a habit of de-pushing some of the best teams from NXT as soon as they made it to the main roster.

Many of the teams that didn't get a chance on the main roster proved they deserved that shot in NXT. There were success stories such as the Wyatt Family and currently the Viking Raiders, but there should have been so many more. Here is a look at the 10 best NXT tag team champions, ranked.

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10 The Wyatt Family

The first NXT tag team champions was a team known as British Ambition, which included Neville (PAC from AEW) and Oliver Grey. However, the team that beat them ended up as one of the most iconic tag teams to ever move up from NXT to the main roster.

Bray Wyatt had reinvented himself when he returned to NXT after a failed stint in NEXUS. He became a cult leader and had two followers in Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Wyatt led them to the tag team titles, the second team to ever hold them, and they had a 69-day reign before moving up to the main roster. As the Bludgeon Brothers, they also held the SmackDown tag team titles.

9 #DIY

When people talk about #DIY, they mostly look at their feud. Tommaso Ciampa turned on Johnny Gargano, and the two had three of the best matches in NXT history against each other. Both men are also former NXT champions. However, as a tag team, they were the best of the best.

#DIY formed as a team in 2015 and worked together until 2017. The two were the ultimate underdogs and became one of the most popular tag teams ever to step foot in NXT. They finally won the titles in 206 from The Revival before losing them to the Authors of Pain.

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8 Sanity

Sanity is a case of waster potential on the main roster. When SmackDown Live announced that Sanity was coming to the brand, it caused excitement to anyone who saw them compete in NXT. Eric Young was the brilliant and crazed leader, while Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain were monsters. Nikki Cross was also part of the group.

It took months before they showed up, and then they were gone as quickly as they arrived. It sucked because, in NXT, they were magnificent. Sanity won the tag titles from The Authors of Pain and held them for 123 days before dropping them to the Undisputed Era.

7 Lucha Dragons

The Lucha House Party is almost a joke in WWE. They are all talented, with Kalisto as one of the top Luchadores in WWE, Lince Dorado as a great former Chikara wrestler, and Gran Metalik as a great Latino superstar. Yet, they do nothing but act goofy and fight in handicap matches.

However, when Kalisto was in NXT, he was in an exciting tag team known as the Lucha Dragons. His partner here was the second Sin Cara (formerly Hunico). Together, they ended the longest title reign in NXT history when they beat The Ascension. Lucha Dragons held the titles for 139 days.

6 War Raiders

The War Raiders recently lost at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, which was a shock because they were undefeated as a tag team. That includes their time in NXT, where they worked as the Viking Raiders. They even had success before that when they won titles in Ring of Honor and New Japan.

However, in NXT, they won the tag team titles in 2019 by beating The Undisputed Era and then held the titles for 109 days. They never lost them, surrendering the titles when they moved up to the main roster. Once there, they won the Raw tag team championship.

5 The Authors Of Pain

The Authors of Pain looked like they were going to be massive stars on the main roster until injuries slowed them down. However, both men are in their early 20s, so they have plenty of time to climb back to the top.

In NXT, legendary Legion of Doom manager Paul Ellering came out of retirement to manage the Authors of Pain. He helped lead them to the NXT tag team titles in 201 when they beat #DIY for the belts. They then held the titles for 202 days before dropping them to Sanity. On the main roster, Ellering stayed behind, and AOP is still looking for title gold there.

4 Blake And Murphy

One great NXT tag team that people forget is the pairing of Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake. They had no fancy team name and were no-nonsense wrestlers, but that worked for them. The only thing that stood out was that Alexa Bliss was their manager. It was in 2015 that Blake and Murphy ended the Lucha Dragons 139-day title reign.

The duo then had a long and successful tag team title reign, holding the belts for 205 days before losing them to the Vaudevillains. Wesley Blake is now part of the tag team The Forgotten Sons where he wants another title reign while Murphy is on Raw following a 183-day cruiserweight title reign.

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3 The Ascension

One of the biggest flops to arrive on the main roster was Konnor and Viktor, The Ascension. This is because they were hugely successful in NXT with the longest tag team title reign in brand history at 343 days. The almost year-long title reign began when they beat Neville and Corey Graves in 2013 before losing to the Lucha Dragons in 2014.

Sadly, fans on the main roster did not warm to them when they showed up. Most fans saw them as Road Warriors ripoffs, and then WWE gave them a gimmick that killed them. The two came out and talked crap about tag teams from the past. This led to tag teams from the past returning to beat them into the roles of jobbers.

2 The Revival

The Revival are the only teams in WWE history to hold the NXT, Raw, and SmackDown tag team titles. They are also one of only two tag teams to win the NXT titles more than one time. They are two-time NXT tag champs for a combined 306 total days as champions, the third-longest in brand history.

The Revival had one of the best tag team feuds in NXT history against American Alpha. It then had an even better feud against #DIY, putting on one of the best tag team matches in NXT history against Gargano and Ciampa. They have held a total of five tag team titles between the three brands.

1 The Undisputed Era

The greatest NXT tag team champions of all-time are easily The Undisputed Era. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly won their first tag team titles in NXT by beating Sanity. Fish and O'Reilly also happened to be three-time ROH tag team champions and two-time IWGP junior heavyweight tag team champions.

Both Adam Cole and Roderick Strong worked as part of the tag team as well at times. After losing the titles to Mustache Mountain, O'Reilly and Strong won the titles back. They lost the titles to the Viking Raiders, and, in 2019, won them again from the Street Profits. They have been NXT tag team champions for over 450 days.

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