10 Of The Best Rock Promos Of All Time

Any WWE fan knows that just about anything can happen in the WWE, one thing’s for sure - when the Rock has the microphone, magic is going to happen. While most of these top ten lists are completely subjective, you can toss a dart at any Rock promo and be entertained. It’s easy to see why he’s the number one star in the world and has been for years now. Holding the people in the palm of your hand is not an easy task, and it’s one that the Rock pulls off effortlessly still to this very day.

It’s time to once again play sing along with the Great One and take walk down know your role boulevard to remember 10 Of The Best Rock Promos Of All Time.

10 The Countdown Ends

Sometimes a moment is just too awesome to not mention. During the spring and summer, the WWE was counting down to the Millennium. But for the WWE, that day came a few months early - August 9, 1999 to be exact. As the Rock is in the ring cutting a promo on the Big Show, the countdown ends, and Chris Jericho debuted. After running on for several minutes about the “Y2J Problem” the WWE had on its hand, the Rock gave one of the most memorable “it doesn’t matter” shots at the current AEW champion, the WWE ever saw. Jericho himself isn’t the biggest fan of this promo as fans are, but it’s still one of the most memorable of both of their careers.

9 Sing Along With The Coach?

The Rock riffing with and ripping into the announcers over the years has been a highlight of many of his promos. With Coach game for anything, he made a great comedic foil for the Great One. Here, Rocky asks Coach how he rang in the New Year, which led to a confession that the Coach gets down to Barry Manilow.

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Rock asks the people to convince Coach to sing a little “Copacabana.” Disgusted, the Rock comically gasps “sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich!” Even when the stick breaks, the Rock is still a great stickman.

8 The Great One Meets The now

The “poison” of the New World Order had finally arrived in the WWE at No Way Out 2002. Despite a lot of skepticism from the locker room, the People’s Champ was still gracious enough to take a picture with Hulk Hogan for his son, since The Rock was his favorite. But after he was insulted for his niceties, The Rock tells the nWo what they can do with their camera.

7 The Rock Forgets His Lines

A lot of fans remember and speak of fondly when DX made fun of the Nation. But let’s not forget the return of “The Crock” either. After DX gave their version of the Corporation, the Rock, The Corporate Champion did some of his own impressions. As he is telling Triple H that he was going to whoop his monkey derrière, he seemingly forgot his own catchphrase. That led to the Rock asking Triple H “Whatcha Gonna Do?” and telling him “To Be The Man...” amongst a few other superstars catchphrases before remembered his own.

6 WrestleMania Season

Without wrestling a match, a trio of icons almost stole WrestleMania XXX away from the young locker room they were trying to praise. But that’s just because none of them could match Hogan’s now epic gaffe of forgetting where he was, or Austin telling everyone what Austin 3:16 still means. But the roof of the Silv-Superdome came off when the Great One’s music hit. The Rock preceded to clue the WWE universe in on a little secret, exactly nine months after WrestleMania, a lot of babies are born due to being electrified watching the Great One, a lot of Rock babies born nine months after the Show Of Shows.

5 The Eyeroll Gif Origin

There’s a great GIF that’s all over the internet of the Rock mockingly rolling his eyes. The origins of that GIF were this promo. As the Nation was gearing up for a match, their “leader,” Farooq was speaking.

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But it’s hard to take your eyes of the Great One whose flexing, smiling, and gesturing that he’s the champ, not to mention rolling his eyes at just about everything he was saying. Considering how much all of the WWE universe loves to hear the Rock talk, this promo is great for what he’s doing.

4 Gearing Up For Hell

Armageddon 2000 saw what was the biggest Hell In A Cell match in history. Kurt Angle defending the title against Austin, HHH, Rikishi, Undertaker, and of course the Rock. As he was getting set to wage war, the Rock laid the verbal smackdown on all of his opponents. He ripped into Kurt’s wholesomeness, his cousin’s giant derriere, slapping the Big Evil to make his eyes roll once again, Triple H’s taste in women, and good ol’ Steve rocking out to the Backstreet Boys.

3 The Rock’s Casino

With monsters like Kane, Taker, Mankind, and the Big Show to have to have to contend with, that just means more trash-talking to go around. Since the WWE was in Vegas at the time - the People’s Champ told the fans a story about the monsters gambling at the Tropicana. After finding the People’s Slot Machine, they group wins. But since they’re scaring the children, Rock tells them what they can do with the coins.

2 Memories

After Austin/McMahon, Triple H and the Rock was the biggest feud of the Attitude Era. From coming up as mid-carders to waging war with their respective factions, to fighting over the WWE title.

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The iconic rivalry was nearly renewed when the Rock and The Game met face to face at Smackdown several years ago. Like small children bickering over who one-upped who over the years, they reminisce over their rivalry and set the stage for something that actually has never happened (yet) - a one on one match at WrestleMania.

1 Billy Gunn Talks To God

After winning King Of The Ring, Billy Gunn was trying to make a name for himself. At trying to do by attacking the Rock, The People’s Champ. The Great One understood and portrayed to the crowd a conversation between Mr. Ass and God Almighty.


“But my name’s Bill-“

“It doesn’t matter what your name is!”

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