The 10 Best Tag Teams Of The Decade

It seems like tag team wrestling took a back seat to singles matches over the last decade — especially in WWE. While there have been a handful of great tag teams in WWE, most fans of that brand of professional wrestling had to look elsewhere for the best in tag team wrestling. However, it has been there for anyone interested, and tag teams of the last decade include some of the best of all-time.

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From WWE to Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor to New Japan, there have been some fantastic tag teams hitting the ring throughout the last 10 years. With AEW focusing heavily on tag team wrestling, it seems the best might be yet to come. Here is a look at the 10 best tag teams of the decade, from the WWE and beyond.


The Usos went through a remarkable transformation in the last decade. They went from a high-flying babyface tag team to a down-and-dirty, yet athletic tag team that became one of the best in the world of professional wrestling. They debuted in 2010 on the main roster and won more tag team titles than almost anyone over that decade.

The brothers won the WWE Raw tag team championship twice and the SmackDown tag team championship four times. Their 258 combined days as Raw tag champs is the fifth-longest for the brand, and their 379 combined days is the longest by almost 200 days on SmackDown.


Outside of The Usos, the best tag team in WWE over the last decade was easily the New Day. Yes, the team had an unfair advantage because they used the "Freebird Rule," which allowed Kofi Kingson, Big E, and Xavier Woods to all defend the titles, but their success is undeniable.

On SmackDown, they held the titles five times, more than any other tag team on the brand, and their 187+ days as champions is the second-longest. On Raw, they were even better. While only two-time champions there, they had the longest tag team title reign in WWE history at 483 days.


Possibly the most shocking addition to this list is Cesaro and Sheamus. This was a makeshift tag team that WWE had feud before then-general manager Mick Foley forced them to team up. While they hated each other, the two began to work well together and ended up as one of the best tag teams in WWE over the last decade.

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On Monday Night Raw, Sheamus and Cesaro won the tag team titles four times for a combined 239 days. They also moved over the SmackDown, where they won one title and held it for 102 days. The Bar was a makeshift tag team that turned into something really special.


Ignore their stint in WWE. You should even ignore the fact that they won a tag team gauntlet in Saudi Arabia to earn the title of "Best Tag Team in WWE" this year. Finally, don't even pay attention to the fact that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson won the Raw tag team titles twice for a total of 85 days.

The Bullet Club is why they are on this list of the beat tag teams of the last decade. While in New Japan, this Bullet Club tag team was dominant. They won the IWGP tag team titles three times before they ever signed with WWE with title reigns of 365 days, 53 days, and 183 days. Only three teams in NJPW history held the titles longer than the OC.


Out of all the teams on this list of the best tag teams of the last decade in professional wrestling, no one has been on top longer than the Briscoe Brothers. They started in Ring of Honor on its very first show, and remain there to this day. They won their first tag team titles in 2003 and by the end of this decade, were 11-time champions.

They opened the decade as the ROH tag team champs and won five more titles throughout the decade in Ring of Honor, holding the belts for over 1,200 total days. Also, this decade, the brothers won tag team titles in CZW and New Japan.


When The Young Bucks helped found All Elite Wrestling, they said that they wanted to make tag team wrestling great again in the new promotion. They have succeeded by bringing in some of the best tag teams from the independent scene to join them and using their name brand to put young teams over.

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They were champions before this decade even started but kept rolling throughout the last 10 years. They held titles in PWG, but when they arrived in New Japan and later Ring of Honor, they took the world by storm. They were three-time ROH tag champions, seven-time IWGP Jr tag champs, and one-time IWGP tag champs.


Christopher Daniels has been one of the best wrestlers on the planet for two decades now, and that includes tag team wrestling. He led the Prophesy in ROH and was part of Triple X in Impact Wrestling. He and AJ Styles created a great tag team as well. However, this past decade, it was all about Daniels and Kazarian.

In 2012, Kaz and Daniels formed Bad Influence in Impact Wrestling, where they won the tag team titles twice. They left for Ring of Honor and changed their name to Addiction, where they won the tag team titles twice. Then, they became So-Cal Uncensored and added Scorpio Sky to the group. With Kaz and Scorpio, they won the first-ever AEW tag team titles.


Moving back to WWE, there is one tag team that stands above the rest as an old-school throwback team similar to the Brainbusters. This is Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, the Revival. They are the only team in WWE history to hold the NXT, Raw, and SmackDown tag team titles, and while they don't get a lot of chances to shine, they are one of the best tag teams of the last decade.

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They were two-time NXT tag team champions for a total of 306 days, the first team with multiple tag title reigns in the company. They held the Raw tag team titles once for 54 days. They also held the SmackDown titles once, ironically also for 54 total days.


NXT proved at the 2019 Survivor Series that they were not only on equal ground to Raw and SmackDown, but might be better. One of the biggest things going in WWE today is in NXT with the Undisputed Era. The UE is the only tag team to hold the NXT tag titles three times, although that included Roderick Strong for one of the reigns.

Despite that, it is Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, who is one of the best tag teams of the last decade. The three NXT reigns totaled over 466 total days, far longer than any other team. However, Fish and O'Reilly were also great before joining WWE, as they held the ROH tag team titles three times for a total of 672 days as reDRagon.


Santana and Ortiz are now wrestling in All Elite Wrestling as Proud and Powerful. However, while they are shooting for a tag team title reign in that company, they are still getting started there. Their success and the reason for their inclusion comes from what they did for the rest of the decade.

Santana and Ortiz began tagging in 2017, so they are the least experienced team on this list. However, they worked as the second iteration of LAX in Impact Wrestling and were hugely successful. They won the titles there four times for a total of 662 days.

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