5 Best And 5 Worst Matches From Triple H’s Career

Holding one of the most prestigious resumes in the history of professional wrestling, Triple H has done it all in the WWE. A 14-time World Champion, Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion among many other accolades, Triple H ruled the wrestling world for many years. His reign on top outlasted the majority of his peers who never came close to reaching his longevity or overall accomplishments as a Superstar.

Over the past three decades, Triple H has been involved in some truly memorable matches that have go down in history - but he hasn't been exempt from occasionally laying an egg. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst matches from Triple H's career!

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10 Best: Batista vs Triple H - Vengeance 2005

The intense feud between Triple H and Batista came to an end at Vengeance 2005 with the latter picking up a win. After a hard-fought battle, both Superstars looked exhausted as they had left it all in the ring. While WrestleMania 21 was the crowning moment for Batista as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, this bout at Vengeance was by far their best work.

It told a story from the moment the bell rang and kept fans invested thanks to the non-stop action. Triple H has been apart of plenty of cage matches during his career but this one stands above all.

9 Worst: Great Khali vs Triple H - WWE SummerSlam 2008

Vince McMahon was adamant on making The Great Khali a top heel in the WWE as evident by his booking in 2007 and 2008. At SummerSlam 2008, Triple H had quite the task when he put his WWE Championship on the line although he emerged victorious following a sloppy showing from both performers.

While Triple H is certainly a capable worker with plenty of great matches to his name, he has never been one to carry his opponents so you can imagine the outcome was as bad as it seemed on paper as they failed to click in the ring.

8 Best: The Undertaker vs Triple H - WrestleMania 27

After having witnessed his best friend and tag team partner Shawn Michaels being sent to retirement by The Undertaker, Triple H took matters into his own hands. He ended up coming short of ending The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXVII, but it was undoubtedly the match of the night, as well as their best one on one contest.

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The thriller bout left the WWE Universe wanting more as the back and forth action exceeded all expectations, making it one of the best matches from the 2010s and the most memorable from the latter chapter of Triple H's WWE journey.

7 Worst: Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Edge- Survivor Series 2008

This match was initially booked to be between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov, but the company added the returning Edge near the end to it to generate some excitement. As Kozlov hadn't gotten over as much as predicted, the WWE needed another big name in a championship match, hence the addition of Edge.

Unfortunately, even he couldn't save it from being a complete disaster that is now remembered for all the wrong reasons. There was absolutely no chemistry between them with many missed spots along the way. It didn't take long for the WWE to realize that Kozlov wasn't cutting it as a main eventer, beginning his slow transition into a jobber.

6 Best: Cactus Jack vs Triple H - Royal Rumble 2000

Royal Rumble 2000 had plenty of highlights that are still shown to this day, but perhaps none of them were quite as significant as the exciting bout between Triple H and Cactus Jack. Their on-screen feud had taken a personal turn, making their match at the PPV that much more important with the WWE Championship also on the line.

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Not only did it meet the expectations set by fans, but it also became one of the best matches of both Superstars' careers. Triple H was at his very best throughout this match and showed that he is more than capable of delivering quality matches.

5 Worst: Randy Orton vs Triple H - WrestleMania 25

WrestleMania XXV was off to a good start with some notable matches on the card but the main event couldn't have been more disappointing. Following months of excellent build up, Triple H retained the WWE Championship against Randy Orton in an uneventful contest.

WWE went out of their way to hype the matchup with plenty of angles airing on Raw featuring the two stars, but as great as their rivalry had been, the match was lackluster and dragged on far longer than it should have. Given their history that goes back to Evolution, this was certainly the worst showing from both Superstars.

4 Best: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - SummerSlam 2002

Since WrestleMania XIV, fans hadn't seen Shawn Michaels live in action until his return at SummerSlam 2002 against longtime partner turned foe Triple H. Given how long he had been out of action, fans expected Michaels to be rusty and off his game.

As it turned out, he was still The Heartbreak Kid that everyone remembered and it looks like he hadn't missed a step. After his lengthy hiatus, Michaels only trusted Triple H for his comeback match and he had every reason to based on how the night turned out, as it was arguably the best performance of Triple H's career.

3 Worst: Ultimate Warrior vs Triple H - WrestleMania 12

It would seem unrealistic for most fans to believe that Triple H once lost a match in just 1:39 at WrestleMania, but that's exactly what happened in 1996 when he met The Ultimate Warrior. The latter was fresh off a recent comeback to the WWE and needed some big wins to push him back into the limelight, but this match did the exact opposite.

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By then, the WWE Universe wasn't nearly as invested into The Ultimate Warrior while Triple H was still relatively new on the scene. It ended up being a filler on the card, as well as one of the worst squash matches in the history of the company.

2 Best: Stone Cold vs Triple H - No Way Out 2001

This match has a strong argument as Triple H's best overall performance, putting his in-ring talent on full display for all doubters to see. The two-out-of-three-falls contest is fondly remembered by fans since Steve Austin and Triple H clicked on all cylinders that night.

The audience didn't know what to expect out of this bout since their previous meetings had been inconsistent, but it's safe to say that everyone in attendance got their money's worth by the end of the Pay Per View. In addition to the thrilling action throughout their battle, it also became among the most influential matches from the early 2000s.

1 Worst: Triple H vs Scott Steiner - Royal Rumble 2003

In one of the worst matches for a World Championship, Triple H took on Scott Steiner at the Royal Rumble 2003. The match ran for 18 minutes, and any fans who has seen it knows that it was 18 minutes too long.

The two Superstars simply had zero chemistry inside the ring, and it didn't help that Steiner was struggling with some nagging injuries. Add the fact that they had a real-life rivalry, and that was always going to be a recipe for failure. They would go on to have a rematch that was equally as bad, but given that this took place at a major event, it certainly takes the cake.

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