The Best And Worst WWE Superstar Win/Loss Records Revealed

Without looking at any list, most WWE fans would know the answers to these to questions: “Which WWE Superstar had the highest winning percentage in 2017?” and “Which WWE superstar had the worst winning percentage in 2017?”

Obviously, given that she is undefeated, Asuka has a winning percentage of 100 percent and given that Curt Hawkins is currently in the midst of a 150+ match losing streak, no one would be surprised to know that his winning percentage in 2017 was a big fat 0! However, Asuka didn’t have the most victories in 2017 and Hawkins didn’t have the most defeats. Those honors go to… Dean Ambrose and Natalya.


According to the list compiled by Stefan Gorges and shared by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Lunatic Fringe won more matches than any other superstar in 2017. Ambrose competed in 169 matches and got a win in 144 of them (24 loses and 1 no contest). And lets not forget that Ambrose also married the beautiful, funny and talented Renee Young in 2017 - which, I think we can all agree, was another huge win!

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And as for Natalya. Well, she may have held the SmackDown Women's Championship title for 86 days from August to November, but her overall record for the calendar year of 2017 was not good. Natty had 161 matches last year and she won only 29 of them, had 1 no contest and lost 131 times!

A few other stats that jump out from the list include the fact that Jinder Mahal - who held the WWE Championship for 170 days of the year (more than anyone else in 2017) also had the most matches last year with 185. Although, he did have a losing record with only 60 wins compared to 124 loses (1 no contest) for a .326 winning percentage.

Back to big winners: Ambrose's Shield partners also had great years with lots of wins and big winning percentages: Seth Rollins (127 wins, 22 loses, 1 no contest, .852 winning percentage). Roman Reigns (116 wins, 18 loses, 3 no contest, .866 winning percentage).

And the other superstars with over 100 wins in 2017 include: Finn Balor (112), Sasha Banks (105), Bayley (108), Jason Jordan (113), Shinsuke Nakamura (131), Naomi (107), Randy Orton (111) and A.J. Styles (117).


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