The 10 Best Shield Matches Of All-Time

There's little doubt that The Shield will go down as one of the most memorable factions in the history of the WWE. Not only for the destruction left in their wake wherever they went, but for the incredible in-ring performances the likes of which most of the crowd had never seen in six man tags before.

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Through their debut up until their various reunions, there is one thing that has remained true about The Shield, when together as a three-man team there's hardly any combo that can beat them and there is no combination of three that can match the chemistry and deliver in the ring that The Shield brought.

10 Survivor Series 2013

This is the match that really started the mega-push of Roman Reigns as the breakout star for the Shield as he and his brothers teamed up with the Real Americans to take on the team of The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and Rey Mysterio. A back and forth chaotic Survivor Series match was dominated by Reigns as he eliminated everyone except for Rey Mysterio and stood tall as the lone survivor of the match

9 Super Show Down

After Dean Ambrose returned from injury to help Rollins in his feud with Drew Ziggler and Drew McIntyre over the summer of 2018, and with Roman Reigns involved in a slugfest feud with Braun Strowman, it only made sense to bring all the combatants together for WWE's first major show in Australia.

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The Hounds of Justice and the Dogs of War lived up to their names in a brutal battle with incredible physicality that finally came to an end thanks to The Shield's trademark triple power bomb in what turned out to be their last match before Roman's announcement of his battle with Leukemia

8 First Loss Versus Orton And Team Hell No

For quite some time after their debut at Survivor Series 2012 it looked as if there wasn't a three man team WWE could put together to slow the trio down. Unfortunately for the group they finally met their match when The Shield started targeting Randy Orton, Kane, and the red hot Daniel Bryan. The two trios put on multiple great matches but this night on Smackdown it was finally time for The American Dragon to shine.

7 Elimination Chamber 2013

As The Shield continued to run roughshod over everyone in WWE it appeared as if there was only one man in the whole company who could stand up to the group and bring them down for good, that man, of course, being John Cena. At Elimination Chamber, Cena teamed up with two men who had been victims of the Hounds of Justice previously in Ryback and Sheamus providing a brutal as expected contest that the good guys were in control of for the majority. Ryback was moments away from scoring a victory before getting speared out of his boots by Reigns, ensuring The Shield were still the top dogs.

6 Undertaker And Team Hell No

After their victory at Wrestlemania 29, The Shield were on the prowl for more targets, and there was no bigger target on the radar than The Undertaker. The Phenom felt the wrath of the trio at the Raw after Mania, but were forced back by Team Hell No setting up a dream match of a six man tag two weeks later. Seeing The Undertaker back in a Raw ring after so long was certainly a sight to behold and he proved once again that despite his age he still belonged in the ring as all six men lived up to the hype.

5 Debut Match Versus Ryback And Team Hell No

When The Shield debuted all the way back at Survivor Series in 2012 it was clear that their first target was Ryback. After costing him the WWE Championship on multiple occasions, Ryback was finally able to get his hands on the trio at the TLC event when he teamed with Team Hell No in a six-man Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

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The contest lived up to the chaotic standard that the stipulation had set as all six men went to war pulling out whatever spots were necessary to secure victory but ultimately it was The Shield who started their reign of destruction on this night.

4 Survivor Series 2017

In 2017 WWE determined that the time was right to bring the Shield back together but unfortunately original plans had to wait. The trio were originally re-united for the TLC event earlier in the year but an illness forced Reigns to head to the sidelines while Kurt Angle took his place.

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Once fully healthy, plans were made for two of the most iconic three man stables in wrestling history to face off when The New Day invaded Raw, costing Ambrose and Rollins their tag titles. Once again The Shield showed why they're a force to be reckoned with, defeating The New Day in a modern day classic.

3 Extreme Rules 2014

Ever since their debut, The Shield had always been working under the thumb of someone else. First, it was made it out to be Paul Heyman, before the trio was recruited by Triple H to help carry out his bidding. After turning on the world's greatest corporate director, Kane, The Shield squashed Hunter's buddies The New Age Outlaws and The Demon himself at WreslteMania 30 finding themselves square in the sights of Triple H himself. A newly reformed Evolution tried to take the fight to The Shield but ultimately proved to be unsuccessful, at least in their first attempt.

2 War With The Wyatts

The Shield seemed poised to launch themselves into the main event picture back in early 2014 following Reigns' runner up finish in the Royal Rumble. All three men would be involved in a six-man tag to try and qualify for the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship but The Wyatt Family had a different idea. After the Wyatts cost The Shield their opportunity to fight for the championship the two factions went to war at the Elimination Chamber event in an incredible mix of styles and strengths leading to a great match with the Wyatts emerging victorious.

1 Payback 2014

Triple H was willing to do whatever it took to break apart the monster that he created, whether in-ring or otherwise. The in-ring portion was a six-man tag the likes of which we've never seen before or since with everyone involved in the match putting everything they had on the line to try and get a victory and show their dominance. On this night The Shield might have won the war but it didn't take long for Triple H to show why he was called the Cerebral Assasin as his plan come to fruition with Rollins turning on his brothers making this the last Shield match for years. Couldn't ask for a better note to go out on.

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