Beyond Bland: 15 Most Boring Things About WWE Right Now

Wake me up when the Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era return.

Thanks to the PG Era, WWE is not even as exciting as it was a decade ago. Over the past several years, I have found myself watching WWE on-and-off for years. Because of dull characters and boring storylines, it's hard to stay focused on the company for long. But hey, I've been re-watching it for over a year now.

And as I've begun to grow and understand more about why Vince McMahon makes these decisions and why some things don't change, I come to realize that WWE will never be awesome again until they focus more on the teen-adult audience than the little kids. What's the point of these "Viewer Discretion" warnings any more? It's not like children are going to be disturbed by Roman Reigns' werewolf howl or Dean Ambrose's long, greasy hair.

You get the point: WWE is still cool to me, but for the most part, it's pretty bad compared to how it was over a decade ago. Here are the 15 most boring things about WWE right now that I wish would either go away or undergo some significant tweaks.

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15 John Cena In No Man's Land

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I'll admit that I grew up not liking John Cena and having absolutely no idea why everyone loved him so much. Then I started watching Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. And now I understand that Cena's appeal to the fans and his charismatic personality are why he was so admire by everyone for years.

So with that, I personally don't see why Cena should be in the mid-card. If anything, he should be the top face...Or even better...THE TOP HEEL!

Honestly, why hasn't WWE made Cena the bad guy yet? Everyone says it's because all the little kids love him and it'd be crushing for them to see their hero go bad guy. Hey, I cheered for Edge and Chris Jericho (my two favourite wrestlers) as heels for a long time. I think the kids will decide whether or not they want to cheer for Cena.

After a while, Cena's matches with the mid-card wrestlers get boring. He needs to be back at the top of the card, a top face or a top heel. Something has to change about where he is right now.

14 Mid-Card Bookings Are Terrible

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I personally love Cesaro and would love to see the James Bond Wannabe get a push soon, but that's not going to happen any time soon. I also think The Miz is one of the best trash-talkers in WWE and deserves to get a huge push. He's been with the company for nearly a decade and his loyalty should move him up the ladder.

And why haven't Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn gotten pushed up either? The former might be the best heel WWE has had since Edge, but they refuse to use his talents accordingly. Zayn came in and impressed the WWE Universe right away, so what good is it to put him against dull mid-card wrestlers?

There is plenty of talent at the mid-card level, but WWE only seems to put emphasis on certain guys (Reigns, Ambrose, Seth Rollins) while completely ignoring how much talent the mid-card has. With that, they should be booking some exciting matches and really develop these rivalries going forward.

13 Kevin Owens Not Being Pushed Properly

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I just talked about this in the last slide, but this is actually something that's bothered many WWE fans for a while. Owens is supposed to be a top heel, but you often hear half of the crowd cheering him on. I'd argue that no WWE Superstar has the combination of mic skills and in-ring ability like Owens. He's a once-in-a-generation performer.

Owens has been a loyal mid-card wrestler for long enough and should eventually be feuding for the WWE Universal Championship on Raw. Throw in his Canadian background, and it's bound to bring a bigger audience from the Great White North. Owens has put on great matches against Sami Zayn and John Cena. There is no reason to think he can't feud with Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns.

His promos are also top-notch. Honestly, Owens has done everything it takes to become one of the company's elite stars. It's not a matter of when any more. It's a matter of IF Owens gets to be one of the company's most profitable stars.

12 WWE Network

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As a somewhat proud subscriber of WWE Network, I purchased it with the hopes of being able to watch classic matches, old episodes of Raw, Monday Nitro, and some interesting documentaries. Well, even though the Monday Night War segments are always interesting and informative, the problem is they didn't make that many, and you can catch the re-runs ever so frequently.

On the other hand, you only get to see old matches when they replay previous years' Pay-Per-View events. WWE Network is basically only useful in the sense that you can get the PPV events as a subscriber without additional costs. Legends with JBL, Total Divas, Swerved, and WWE NXT seem to occupy 90-percent of the channel's shows. And again, there are so many re-runs.

As a fan of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, I wouldn't mind seeing some replays of those days. But nope. They never put up new content. It's always the same old shows.

11 Goldust and R-Truth

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Honestly, how much longer until WWE realizes these guys are just weird and not funny whatsoever? Not sure if I've ever heard one out of the thousands of live fans in attendance crack up over their jokes.

Once these guys are on, I don't pay attention. All I remember is something about a cake?

R-Truth was a great mid-card wrestler when he flew solo, but the pairing of him and Goldust as a tandem just isn't working. Goldust's character doesn't work like the one from the Attitude Era. He's not as creepy but more "humorous." Again, this had to be done for the PG Era, but he's not even the least bit humorous. One thing that McMahon doesn't seem to know any more is that when something doesn't work, you change it.

But he keeps giving these two some strange segments together; none of which seem to intrigue the fans one bit.

10 Everything Is Predictable

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I never got straight A's in high school and I was never the best athlete. But the one thing I'm most mad at myself for is not betting every dollar in my bank account that Roman Reigns would beat Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Why? Wasn't it obvious all along that he was going to get over The Game?

WWE matches have been scripted in awful fashion lately. No climaxes, no "THIS COULD BE IT," moment for the underdog. What happened to the days when you never knew who was going to win a match? Every major match has been ridiculously terrible because of no build-up or intensity. In fact, let's go ahead and assume that Ambrose won't lose the title for at least six months. Gee, who's going to be the next major champion on Raw? Seth Rollins. Yeah, like it was going to be someone else.

9 Raw/Smackdown Main Events Are Busts

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Raw and SmackDown usually have solid shows, and the main events are always hyped up to be excellent conclusions. The only problem is it seems like every big match ends with a disqualification via interference.

John Cena and/or A.J. Styles involved in a match? You know the other will invade. You can bet Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar will also interfere in matches that don't involve them facing off against one another. It just doesn't seem like any of the main event matches can have a good finish. Will Rollins ever get a clean win on Raw? There's always going to be the disqualification/dirty win idea.

I could understand interference a little bit more if it involved a pair of alliances. Remember the days of Evolution helping out Triple H? That was something we could all go with. But again, today's main events are always a letdown because of the boring finishes.

8 The New Day's Storylines

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE SPORTSTER READERS! Don't you dare be sour! Clap for your world famous two-time champs and feel the power! It's a new day! Yes it is!

Cue the trombone. The New Day fits perfectly into the PG Era. I found myself cheering them on when they were heels. They find a great way to appeal to the younger generation and are very charismatic. They've been great as tag team champions and I was thrilled when they were kept on the same brand during the WWE Draft.

That being said, they haven't been put into any good feuds in months. Their rivalry with The Wyatt Family should be going on longer; this is what The New Day needs to get over the top. There isn't any other legitimate heel tag team that can go head-to-head with these guys.

I love The New Day, but it's getting frustrating watching them booked into boring feuds. Furthermore, why are they still tag team champions? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to chase a heel group that has the titles? Rivalries come and go with few title matches.

Sorry New Day, I am being sour, contrary to what you want.

7 The Entire Women's Division

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So the days of Trish Stratus and Lita are obviously long gone and not coming back. In other words, the women aren't these super attractive girls competing in bra and panties matches. We understand that; it's not exactly suitable for children.

But the Divas from The Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras were incredible characters who knew how to appeal to fans. I admire the talents of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, but they haven't been given the chances to go on the mic and showcase their talents even more. Charlotte's been a solid heel, but she was way better with Ric Flair. When does he come back? WOOOOO!

The Women's division is filled with talented in-ring performers, but none of them are like Stratus or Lita. They lack the personalities to be watchable performers, and until they get to develop their mic skills, this division will remain a bust.

6 Wyatt Family Also Stuck In No Man's Land

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To be honest, I believe The Wyatt Family are the best and most admirable faction since Evolution. Yes, even better than The Shield, The Legacy, and The Straight-Edge Society. But it's frustrating to see this excellent group of stars get underused again-and-again.

I know real-life injuries to the group has pushed back some of their key storylines they were to be involved in, but when will Bray Wyatt be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? I see The Wyatt Family as another Evolution group (with a more rugged look of course): The leader gets help from his sidekicks and goes on a title run, destroying all of the company's top faces.

That's the storyline WWE's lacked for years. There needs to be a dominant heel alliance dominating the company, similar to Evolution AND the nWo. Dare I say it?

I'm (im)patiently waiting for this group to get its chance to be at the top of the card. Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan appear to remain in tact over on SmackDown while Braun Strowman is being pushed on Raw. Perhaps the eventual return of Luke Harper will bring this group back to its roots.

5 Shane McMahon's On-Screen Role

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Listen, I was absolutely thrilled when Shane O'Mac returned to Monday Night Raw on Feb. 23, 2016. I got up and started doing his epic and iconic dance that's always part of his entrance.

I'm still thrilled he returned to the WWE, and his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania should go down as the best match of 2016. I'm glad he came back to run Raw with Stephanie McMahon, even though the match stipulation at 'Mania suggested otherwise. Having him on SmackdDown as the Commissioner is also great and I support every bit of it.

But is anyone else not getting a bit bored of him? Stephanie's almost the anti-hero; she plays both good and bad. On screen, Shane is just too calm and always favours the faces (in storyline.) That doesn't make for much good. I personally think his character needs a shake-up. Maybe he should be a heel Commissioner, or should get involved in more rivalries and possibly another match. His character just hasn't gone anywhere recently, and the WWE Universe isn't one of the most patient groups these days.

Or maybe it's just me.

4 Michael Cole

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I admire Michael Cole and respect all he has done for WWE. I always enjoyed watching him on SmackDown! That's exactly where he probably should be. I'm doing the wrong thing of comparing him to Jim Ross.

Every main event Cole has called, I'm always picturing how J.R. would. There's a major difference between both men. Ross made WWE matches sound so intense and real-life, but Cole's smooth voice and calm flow don't go well with the matches. There is no way he should be WWE's main announcer.

I just believe it's time for a shake-up on the main announcing team. I'm sure this opinion is unpopular, but this is a New Era after all. If you could get a guy with the intensity and tone that J.R. brought, it'd be ideal. But again, Cole's announcing style and lack of charisma in his voice delivery doesn't go well in today's matches.

3 Tag Teams

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The WWE tag team division is dying, and there's no sugarcoating that.

Bringing back The Dudley Boyz was supposed to change that, and they've gone absolutely nowhere. Hard to blame them, but their old-school style isn't allowed in the direction WWE goes today. If the tag team division was exciting, The New Day wouldn't be Tag Team Champions for so long. It's obvious that Vince McMahon and co. aren't changing the champions because they know there isn't another group suitable to win it right now.

Well, there is The Wyatt Family, but most like myself would agree that it's better having the cult follow Bray Wyatt and help him destroy his rivals than competing for tag team titles.

The Lucha Dragons never went any where, but perhaps teaming John Cena or Chris Jericho with another wrestler could be interesting? I'm longing the days of DX, Brothers of Destruction, Kane and Big Show, and Jeri-Show. We used to have such great tag teams, but all you little kids have had the misfortunes of watching these less-than-stellar combinations.

2 Roman Reigns

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He is not a good guy. He is not a bad guy. He is not The guy. He is the BORING guy.

The biggest mystery to mankind is not if the Nessi exists, if aliens really live on other planets or if the Sasquatch patrols the Pacific Northwest. It's why Reigns was hailed to be WWE's top face for nearly a year. It's amazing that the fans went from loving him to suddenly turning on him.

WWE never knew when it was time to find a new face, and they still haven't officially turned him heel. Having him and Seth Rollins feud just makes the latter become more of a hero to the WWE Universe, even though they're pushing him to be the company's top bad guy. You see the problem here?

Reigns has improved his in-ring ability, but his mic skills need a LOT of work before he becomes a face. For the time being, why can't they make him a heel? His character is boring and the way they use him is boring. I feel bad for Reigns, because he's one of the most talented Superstars of his generation.

WWE just hasn't found the proper way to use him.

1 Pay-Per-Views

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We'll just look at what we've seen so far in 2016.

Triple H returns at the Royal Rumble to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship so Roman Reigns can beat him at WrestleMania, and then Triple H goes four months (and counting) without appearing on television? Alrighty, then.

WrestleMania, the top show of the year, also doesn't live up to the hype. What good was it for Dean Ambrose to lose to Brock Lesnar? Why did Shane O'Mac lose to The Undertaker but then get temporary control of Raw anyway? The fans wanted Shane to win, so it would have been much bigger for his legacy to beat 'Taker.

Also, nobody understands why Reigns and Triple H was the main event when it clearly wasn't the most favourable macth. Many will tell you they loved Money in the Bank, but I'd rather have Dean Ambrose wait and cash in unexpectedly. He cashed it in that night, of course. Now we don't have that exciting moment to come when we least expect it.

If SummerSlam fails to deliver, I'll easily call this the worst year ever for Pay-Per-Views. There have been very few intense matches and every main event has had its stipulations ruined right away. We can only hope for a better future when it comes to events we have to pay to watch.

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