Big Backstage Rumor on WrestleMania 32 Plans For Undertaker, Hogan and More


There are reports going around that Vince McMahon recently held a huge backstage meeting recently regarding plans for WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium next year. With the WWE hoping to break attendance records, which would require more than 100,000 people, the chairman is looking to put together a "fantasy card" of sorts to drive a sellout.

Plans include Vince wanting to do the long awaited dream match of The Undertaker against Sting. On top of that, the idea is floating around to put The Undertaker in the WWE Hall of Fame the night before. This would make sense, as WrestleMania is in his home state.

In addition to that, the WWE wants The Rock in a marquee match as well, with plans ranging from him either facing Triple H or Brock Lesnar. If Vince has his way, the match would reportedly be with Lesnar. (You have to imagine Triple H wants the matchup for himself.)

Finally, a wacky plan involves Hulk Hogan having another comeback match to clash with the face of this generation, John Cena. This would pend on Hogan passing a physical.

All in all, the word going around is that Vince is more urgent than ever to have WrestleMania plans ready by the end of summer due to the size of the venue.

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