Big Cass Opens Up On His Relationship With The Undertaker

Big Cass recently revealed who he turns to backstage when he needs advice, and one of the names he threw out might surprise you.

There are a few people that some of the newer Superstars to the WWE locker room regularly bring up as those they go to for advice. Triple H is one of the main ones, especially with those he has worked with in NXT. Chris Jericho is a big proponent of young talent and gives a lot of advice as well. Even Vince McMahon has been said to be a lot more approachable than most would believe. Big Cass recently revealed another name that needs to be added to that list.

The seven-footer is currently sidelined for what is looking like a pretty long time thanks to a nasty knee injury. Cass attempted to deliver his signature big boot to Enzo Amore during a Brooklyn Street Fight on Raw but landed awkwardly after going over the ropes to the outside of the ring. Before that, however, Cass divulged a little information about who he turns to for guidance in the WWE locker room.



The revelation took place during an interview on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. It was conducted during SummerSlam week, so before Cass suffered his unfortunate injury. The usual names came up such as Triple H, plus the Big Show, which is no surprise considering the kind of wisdom the World's Largest Athlete could impart on someone similar in size to himself. The more surprising name that popped up was The Undertaker. Cass told Roberts that whenever Undertaker is backstage he takes the opportunity to pick his brain and ask him as many questions as he can. The big man claimed that he and The Deadman have a good rapport while many others in the locker room are too intimidated to try and strike up a conversation with him.



For the first time since being paired up with Enzo Amore in the beginnings of his NXT career, Big Cass is venturing out into the world of singles competition. Yes, his knee injury set that back a little, but he will likely pick up where he left off when he returns. WWE likes big men, and they clearly have something in mind for Cass's future. So who better for Cass to learn from than The Undertaker, one of the best big men in the history of professional wrestling?

On the one hand, it's a shame that some of WWE's current Superstars are too intimidated to go to The Undertaker for advice, but on the other,  it's good to know not all of them fall into that bracket. The wisdom The Phenom can impart on the next generation is invaluable, and kudos to Cass for having the initiative to realize that and tap into it.

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