Concerns Swirl Over Big Cass' Health After Strange Match Finish

UPDATE: Both PWInsider and WWE confirm this injury as legitimate, though the extent is unknown.

In what has to be one of the strangest endings to a match in a long time, Big Cass appears to have legitimately hurt his knee to the point he couldn't continue his street fight versus Enzo Amore on Monday's episode of Raw. The WWE hasn't come out and made an official announcement as to the status of Big Cass, but many feel this injury was for real.

There are two possibilities here. First, this injury is legit and terrible timing. Second, this is a storyline that puts an unexpected twist on things.

If this is injury is real, it makes sense that Big Cass would be as upset as it clearly appeared he was. Cass' audio was muted during the broadcast to ensure the audience could not hear the swearing that was coming from Cass when the injury happened.

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Before being visibly upset, Cass tried to finish the match and when he had to usher the referee over to him and quietly have a conversation, it appeared Cass was informing the ref things with his knee weren't good. He attempted two or three more moves and fell when trying to deliver an elbow drop to a prone Amore. The referee immediately put up his arms in the dreaded "X" sign that signifies the need for medical attention. The match was them promptly called off and Enzo was declared the victor.

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If this is instead a storyline, one has to wonder what the WWE is planning here. Week after week, Cass had his way with Amore, and it looked like he was on his way to steam-rolling over Enzo once more. Is the WWE Universe to believe only an unforeseen injury could derail another beating at the hands of the seven-footer?


What benefit does it have to the WWE to continue this storyline? Even Amore told fans before the match started, this would be where these two finally settled things. That's sort of the point with a street fight. Clearly, things are not settled.

While the angle involving Amore and Cass has been anything but entertaining, a real injury to Big Cass would be unfortunate. No one wants to see a wrestler hurt and he was hand-picked to be the WWE's next big man heel.

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