Big Cass Had To Be Removed By Police Following Altercation With Joey Janela At Wrestling Event

Former WWE wrestler Big Cass was reportedly involved in several backstage incidents during a WrestlePro event in Rahway, New Jersey, on Saturday night and had to be escorted away by police.

According to PW Insider, Cass confronted several persons over items of his he claimed were stolen. He is said to have stepped up to Joey Janela, threatening and slapping the AEW star, even chasing him around the locker room. We can't be so sure this is true as the events haven't been confirmed and different outlets are reporting different things.

"At one point, Cass confronted AEW star Joey Janela in a threatening manner, looking for a physical confrontation, apparently stemming from Janela’s run-in several months back with Enzo Amore at a Blink 182 concert in New Jersey," the report reads. "One source believed Cass slapped Janela, but we were not able to confirm that. The irony over the situation, we are told, is that Cass and Janela had been in the same locker room the night before for Northeast Wrestling and there had been zero issues at all."

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Cass, who now goes by CaZXL, also reportedly confronted Pat Buck while he was putting the main event together and spat on him, resulting in Buck flooring him with a punch.

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The 33-year-old was then taken away from the building by police. The police weren't specifically called to the location and were already there prior to the commotion. They are said to have asked the promoters if they could remove Cass before leaving with him.

It was initially reported that the wrestler was arrested and later taken to a hospital. However, persons who contacted the local police department were informed that Cass was not arrested and that the lawmen didn't even find it necessary to document the incident.

A photo of Cass sitting outside of the building speaking to the officers has surfaced online.

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This Is All Very Worrying

Cass only recently claimed to have been in talks with WWE over a return to the company, adding that he's willing to come back as a singles performer without Enzo. But, while details are still sketchy, Saturday's happenings are unlikely to help him in that regard.

The New York native previously revealed suffering from depression and resorting to alcoholism while at WWE but said he's put all of that behind him and is a new man. It has been reported that he threatened to hurt himself before being taken to a hospital on Saturday, however.

We would like to stress that this should still be considered speculation and there are no details on who provided the source with the information. There's also nothing on who was responsible for Cass's things going missing backstage.

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