Big Cass Singles Push Backstage Update

It seems that for the time being it's going to be a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it when it comes to Big Cass's singles career.

The saga of who was attacking Enzo and Cass each week on Raw feels like a distant memory now. As we now know, it was all an elaborate rouse pulled off by the bigger half of the duo in order to send a message to Amore that he saw him as nothing more than a liability. It was a pretty heart breaking angle at the time, and it turned Cass into a bonafide heel via some scathing words and a boot to the face of his former best friend.

Since then, an always excitable Enzo stepped between the ropes with Big Cass not once, but twice. The promo wizard always talks up a good fight, but both times he's been left in a crumpled heap by the man he once considered a friend. Now, fans are probably left wondering what's next for the seven footer. Well, if the reports are true apparently not a lot.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio discussed the ongoing feud between Enzo and Cass, and third wheel the Big Show, and believes that despite Amore being repeatedly squashed by Cass, more is yet to come for the feud. Meltzer believes that the only reason Cass is so hot at the moment because fans hate him for breaking up his partnership with Enzo, and that once fans are over that, it may turn out that he doesn't actually have the legs to go it on his own.

That may be what Meltzer thinks, and it seems to be the case for now, but all going well it would appear that WWE has bigger plans for Big Cass. It's no secret that Vince McMahon is a huge fan of Superstars Cass's size. The former NXT man has already been in a Universal Championship match, the Fatal Four Way for the vacant title last August. Cass may have been eliminated first, but it speaks volumes that he was in the match at all.


It makes sense for now for Cass to stick with what he knows and carry on with the story line between himself, Enzo and Big Show. If WWE needs him for something else though, rest assured they will plug him into that spot. Take Jinder Mahal for instance. McMahon needed to break into the Indian market, and they shot The Maharajah straight to the top. If he also needs a seven footer anytime soon, it'll likely be Cass who he comes calling on.

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