Big News On NXT Stars Possibly Moving Up To The WWE Main Roster

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Wondering when a few of your favorite NXT stars may be making their way up to the main WWE roster? Well, if one of those favorites of yours is Samoa Joe than the answer could be pretty soon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that there are plans to bring Samoa Joe up to the main roster following WrestleMania (which is only a little over 2 months away). And it could be as soon as the post-WrestleMania episode of Raw.

Now, on the flip side however, there has also been talk of having Samoa Joe win the NXT title from Finn Balor - which would then probably delay his main roster debut.

Speaking of Finn Balor, it doesn't look like there are any plans to bring him up to the main roster post WM32 as officials still want him to be the face of NXT beyond March.

And finally, there is Sami Zayn, who lately has been getting a lot of main roster consideration with the idea to bring him up to feud with Kevin Owens.

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