Big Red Monster: Kane's 10 Most Violent & Creepy Moments

The Big Red Monster, Kane, is one of the greatest characters in wrestling history. With a tortured past, the masked monster went on to create a reign of terror throughout his tenure in professional wrestling.

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Whilst Kane could likely have had a greater run in terms of main events and championship gold, there is no doubt that he is a future Hall Of Famer. Some of the main reasons for that are the incredible moments that he created. Whether it was violently attacking people behind the scenes, dragging someone under the ring or being incredibly creepy, Kane has done some very disturbing things. Let's take a look at some of the best!

10 Chokeslam To Hell

A lot of Kane's most violent moments came when he had the mask on, but when he first took it off, the Big Red Monster became unhinged and turned incredibly violent as he tried to cope with the decision he had made.

Many fans will remember Kane with the cloth over his head, attempting to still hide his identity as he went on a warpath in an attempt to seek revenge upon anybody who had done him wrong. One man who found himself in Kane's way was Eric Bischoff, who was chokeslammed off the stage through tables on the outside in an incredible spot.

9 Kane Buries The Undertaker

Buried Alive matches are a staple of the Undertaker's career. In 2010, he collided with Kane in the classic stipulation match and the Big Red Monster ended up coming out on top.

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Of course, Kane didn't do things alone: Nexus joined in to ambush the Deadman. Ultimately, though,  it was Kane who took his brother down, putting him into the grave and bringing the dirt down to bury him alive. It was a moment that nobody expected to see, as the Undertaker traditionally got the best of Kane throughout his career. This was a key exception.

8 Burning JR

Good Ol' Jim Ross is one of the most beloved commentators in WWE history. The constant babyface who had no wrestling experience, he just got behind the table and occasionally did backstage interviews.

One time, he sat down with Kane backstage for an interview about his mental state, in what was expected to just be another one of those classic interviews. The Big Red Monster made sure it was one nobody would forget. Kane not only got physical with him, but took things to a new level by actually setting him on fire in order to make his point.

7 Unmasking A Monster

As with any masked wrestler, the WWE Universe always wanted to see what Kane looked like without his mask on. Eventually, that moment came, as Kane was forced to unmask and reveal his true identity.

While fans didn't see a physically scarred man as they had expected, being met with a face full of black smudges and patchy hair was still an incredibly creepy moment. This is one of the most iconic moments in the history of the Kane character and few fans will ever forget that it happened.

6 Hell No

Daniel Bryan and Kane may have created one of the best tag teams in modern wrestling, with their hilarious segments helping fans see a totally different side to the Big Red Monster, but they weren't always on the same page.

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Kane used to pop up frequently to assault the popular wrestler, attacking him as often and brutally as possible, with Tombstones on the table and even the steel steps. Kane showed that even later in his career he wasn't planning on slowing down and relaxing, keeping up his violent ways even in the later years.

5 Pete Rose Obsession

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This isn't one particular moment but is instead several all grouped into one, involving the same man. While Kane has feuded with some legendary wrestlers over time, one name who has been attached to his entire career is Pete Rose.

While it might seem (and is) very random, Kane and Rose have interacted on several occasions throughout WWE history. Sadly for Rose, it has never ended up well for him, as Kane always got the best of the battle. Rose has been chokeslammed and tombstoned throughout his life, every time he appears in WWE.

4 Zack Ryder Goes For A Ride

Another classically violent moment of Kane's career saw him attack Zack Ryder on the top of the stage, which led to one of his most violent moments as he went on to throw him off of the stage.

Whilst that might not seem overly violent, the fact that Ryder was selling a major back injury meant he couldn't actually get out of his chair in order to protect himself on the drop to the concrete floor. Instead, Ryder went absolutely flying as he slammed down onto the floor, with his chair hitting him on the way down in what was a really rough landing.

3 Kane Crashes The Wedding

Throughout his career, Kane has had some love angles. This may seem strange for someone who is portrayed as a monster, but it did offer some layers to his characters. Lita was one of his main love interests.

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A classic moment of Kane's career saw him actually put a stop to her wedding with Edge after bursting through the ring itself during the ceremony, destroying everything in sight and sending the happy couple running. However, Kane's most violent moment here came when he grabbed the innocent priest and hit him with a tombstone piledriver in the middle of the ring.

2 Electrocution

Shane McMahon is known for putting his body on the line all throughout his wrestling career. During his feud with Kane, though, he went above and beyond, both in their matches and in the build-up of their storyline.

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With the Big Red Monster tombstoning Linda McMahon on the stage, the stage was set for a heated storyline between the two men and Kane took things to a sick and twisted level on Raw. Kane ended up tying Shane to the ring post before getting some wires, attaching them to an area Shane really didn't want them attached to and electrocuting him.

1 Burn In Hell

Kane burning Jim Ross might have been an extremely violent moment, but that isn't the only time the Big Red Monster has used hellfire to his advantage, with flames being  a staple of Kane's career.

From inferno matches to the fire that burst out of the turnbuckles, Kane has always made flames a big part of his character, and The Undertaker found out all too well why that is when he was burned alive inside the casket. The Brothers of Destruction have had a love/hate relationship throughout WWE history, and this was certainly a low moment for them while also being Kane's most violent.

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