Big Show Reveals The One Superstar He Wishes He Could Face

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The Big Show for some, has more than extended his welcome in the WWE. There's no doubt he'll be in the Hall of Fame in the near future but for now, we've seen very little of the giant, leading many to believe his time will be up soon. In an interview with Sky Sports, Show revealed the one superstar he wishes he could face.

"We have try-outs at almost every TV taping and it can be hard for guys to shine in an empty arena with a bunch of Superstars standing around watching, but you can tell in 20 seconds whether some guys have 'it' - whether they move their feet right, are willing to learn and can be a WWE Superstar. Finn, who was by no means a rookie having fought in different dojos all over the world, had that charisma and charm that you wanted to see more of - I would have loved the chance to work with him as we could have torn the house down. With his attitude and skill he will overcome this injury and come back strong. It was pretty badass of him to separate his shoulder [in his match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam] put it back in and continue to wrestle. That deserves a lot of respect."

It would certainly be an interesting match but it's also hard to believe the house would be torn down in such a match. Then again, Big Show had the best match of the night with Roman Reigns back at Extreme Rules last year so who knows?

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