Possible Explanation For Why Big Show Was Thrown Through The Steel Cage

It looks like the WWE had Braun Strowman finish off The Big Show on Raw in order to give him an excuse to undergo hip surgery.

James McKenna of Wrestling Sheet reported on Monday night about two and half hours before The Big Show faced off against Strowman in a steel cage match that Big Show would lose in a way to give him a reason to undergo surgery on his hip.

While Strowman won the match by pin fall, he ended up picking Big Show up after the match ended and threw him into the cage, which ended up breaking.  This led to Big Show falling on the top of the broken cage outside the ring. He was clearly in pain from the fall.

I guess that The Big Show's hip injury isn't terribly bad after watching him get thrown around by Strowman on Monday night. You would think the WWE wouldn't want to risk injuring him further.


Then again, Big Show seemed to be in a lot of pain as he was spotted having a hard time leaving the arena on Monday night. We're sure the match against Strowman didn't help his injury.

As you can see, three referees had to help Big Show walk backstage. If you watch the video below, you will notice that he was favoring his right leg. That leads us to believe his left hip could be the problem.

Of course, no one knows how long Big Show will be out, but this is unfortunate. Our guess is that we may not see him until November at the earliest. It all depends on how serious the surgery is and how long it takes for him to recover and get back into wrestling shape.


The 45-year-old Big Show isn't getting any younger, his career started back in 1995. It's truly amazing how wrestlers like him are able to have such long careers despite all of the injuries they suffer.

Strowman, on the other hand, looked like a monster that's ready to eat up Brock Lesner at the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view, with Lesner's Universal Championship belt on the line.

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