Big Show Tells Cain Velasquez To Beware Of Brock Lesnar

Big Show has warned Cain Velasquez his Crown Jewel match against Brock Lesnar could go south very quickly, albeit not in so many words.

Velasquez ended SmackDown's first episode on FOX earlier this month, walking out to the surprise of just about everyone to launch an assault on Lesnar. He's since gotten booked for a title match against The Beast Incarnate at Saudi Arabia's Crown Jewel, which takes place on October 31.

Big Show knows the threat Brock possesses all too well, having gone up against the WWE Champion on several occasions. One of their most memorable bouts came in 2003, when they broke a ring with a superplex.

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With Velasquez set for an official fight against Lesnar, Show has urged the former UFC competitor to be wary.

"Imma be real honest with you, I've been wrestling for 25 years, I have never seen a monster like Brock Lesnar and the warpath that's he's been on for the past few years," he said to TMZ Sports. "He's stronger, he's faster, he's seasoned, he's confident in where he is. He's tough."

Brock has had his way with most of the WWE locker room over the years but he's had a bit of trouble with the likes of Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in more recent times. His title match against Kofi Kingston saw him win the belt in mere seconds, before he was attacked by Velasquez.

Cain's Beaten Brock Before, In Real Life

Big Show's warning is pretty fair. However, he would do well to remember that the Californian is no regular athlete either.

Cain beat Brock in UFC competition back in 2010, handing the Beast his second MMA loss via technical knock out. It's going to be interesting seeing such amazing athletes get into it in a WWE setting and we're hoping they make a real match out.

Source: TMZ Sports

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