Big TNA Name Shows Up At NXT Taping

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If you have been confused about the direction that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is taking, the latest development will not help your cause. After TNA’s biggest Pay-Per-View of the year took place this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, the person who won the World Heavyweight Title would drop it the next day. Matt Hardy emerged as champion only to post on Youtube that he would be dropping the belt amid controversy from his brother, Jeff, being the guest referee. TNA announced there would be a tournament to decide who the next champion is. It will get a little bit more difficult for them, as one of the last remaining wrestlers from their inception showed up on their rivals television taping tonight.

Former Beer Money, Inc member James Storm was unveiled tonight during the NXT taping. The official WWE Twitter account even announced it once it happened. Storm had been with TNA since 2002, and had six TNA World Tag Team Championships over his career. That does not include the other seven he accomplished as NWA World Tag Champion. He had one TNA World Heavyweight Title as he beat Kurt Angle. As for tonight, he retained his name James Storm and his persona, as he defeated Danny Burch in his first ever NXT match.

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