Big WWE Creative News On Paul Heyman

With Paul Heyman on a part-time schedule, due to only being Brock Lesnar's advocate, Heyman recently asked WWE about expanding his behind-the-scenes role. There's no word yet on whether that was part of his contract talks this past summer, but according to Daily Wrestling News, a source indicated that Heyman inquired within the last few months.

Vince McMahon is apparently very open to getting more input from Heyman, as he has great respect for his creative mind. The idea is that the company could use another perspective from someone in the business because of the amount of "Hollywood writers" they have.

What a novel idea; get ideas from someone who knows wrestling. Hopefully Heyman soon becomes a major player in WWE Creative. We all remember the wonders he did running SmackDown in the mid 2000s during the initial brand extension.

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