Biggest Moments From SummerSlam 2017

SummerSlam has come and gone and it truly was one of the biggest parties of the summer. A card filled with top-quality matches, the Fatal 4-Way match between Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns highlighted the card and the bout didn't disappoint. There were absolutely no tables left when this match concluded.

The rest of the card paled in comparison. Shinsuke Nakamura faced off with Jinder Mahal and Mahal showed the WWE Universe that the company intends to run with him as champion.

There were new champions as Natalya, Sasha Banks, Neville and The Uso's regained their respective championships, Cena disposed of Corbin with ease, Rusev got RKO'd out of nowhere, and the Demon returned

Here are the Biggest Moments From SummerSlam 2017.


7. Uso's Win Back The Titles

There were many who argued the Uso's should never have lost the SmackDown Live tag titles in the first place. For those who believed so, they were likely pleased to see the Uso's win them back in a match far too good to be on the kickoff show.

The match was full of high spots and new moves that the WWE Universe hasn't seen from these two teams, despite facing off against each other often. If this match was any indication of how the rest of the card was going to go, the New Day and The Uso's showed everyone SummerSlam was going to be a fantastic show.

6. Natalya Wins SmackDown Women's Title

With an expression like she knew she was going to win the title all along, it took two sharpshooters, but Natalya won back the SmackDown's Women's Title after not having a championship for the past six years.

After disposing fairly convincingly of Naomi, the title change might have led the WWE Universe to believe Carmella would seize an opportunity to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase but such was not the case. Natalya deserved another reign and she got one.

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5. Rusev and Corbin Buried

Someone in the back must have something against both Rusev and Baron Corbin because two wrestlers who could have used the rub got absolutely buried at SummerSlam. First, Baron Corbin came out and lost convincingly to John Cena. After losing his Money in the Bank guarantee, he then had an opportunity to exact some revenge. Not only did he not do so, he opened the pay-per-view and looked poor in his efforts.


Not to be outdone, Rusev attacked Orton before the bell for their match in an attempt to get the early advantage. Mere seconds after the bell rang to officially start the bout, Orton pulled an RKO out of nowhere and beat Rusevn in seconds.

While it might not be a big moment on the show, it's a big moment for both WWE Superstar's career as it appears to solidify both are on the outs in terms of a recognizable push.

4. Banks Wins Raw Women's Title

To go four-for-four in championship matches at SummerSlam, Sasha Banks beat Alexa Bliss to win the Raw Women's Title. A match that could have gotten nasty thanks to some alleged backstage heat between the two participants, this particular bout was somewhat of a let-down as it wasn't nearly as brutal and mean-spirited as some might have assumed it would be.

Still, Banks has won the title and there is certain to be some retribution from Bliss on future episodes of Raw.

3. Cesaro Destroys Beach Ball

Don't you dare try to hijack a match Cesaro is in! Before losing the Raw Tag Team Titles to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Cesaro took a moment to show the Brooklyn crowd that they'd better pay attention to his match and not a beach ball that was making its way around the audience.

It was a moment that will be remembered forever, and not something you typically see from a WWE Superstar. Cesaro entered the crowd, grabbed the ball and promptly destroyed it. Other than the final spot where the reigning champs lost the belt, it was the high point of the bout.

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2. Nakamura Loses

It has to be fair to say that Jinder Mahal is no longer a WWE Title placeholder. In a move that many deemed a short-term way to appease a large India audience, Mahal has beaten challenger after challenger and in a match most assumed Nakamura would win, Mahal walked out of Brooklyn the champ.

It was a big moment for Mahal,  it was a telling sign for Nakamura, and it was a shock to the WWE Universe. Mahal is apparently for real and for better or worse, the WWE is going to run him with as the champ.

1. Lesnar Retains

Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Lesnar retained his WWE Universal Title in a match that was pure carnage from start to finish. There was absolutely nothing left of the ringside area and the entire match looked like it belonged to Braun Stroman, who is officially a huge star in WWE.

Still, Lesnar was able to return from the backstage area after being taken out early in the match, mounted his comeback and pinned Roman Reigns to keep his belt. Heyman and Lesnar won't be leaving WWE (a stipulation of the match) and it will be interesting to see where and when Lesnar next gets involved in the future of WWE programming.

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