5 Biggest Moments From Clash Of Champions 2017- A Devastating Zig Zag

This past weekend's Clash Of Champions would probably win the Slammy Award for least anticipated pay-per-view of the year if that was indeed an award that WWE was in the business of handing out. Thankfully it's not, and let's be honest, it would be pretty strange if it was. Moving on though, with the poor build to this event and mediocre card the event would need some special moments to save it. Here are five stand out moments from across the night. Take a look, relive them, and decide for yourself whether Clash Of Champions managed to exceed your expectations.

5. Naomi Takes Flight

Charlotte Flair versus Natalya is always going to be a match worth watching. Ever since the two of them clashed in NXT for the brand's Women's Championship, it's been known that you can rely on the females with pro wrestling royalty running through their veins to put on terrific matches. With all of that being said, it was actually one of the Lumberjacks on Sunday night that staged the biggest moment of the bout, and weirdly it was one of the only things the lady in question did. With everyone else brawling outside the ring Naomi, the only woman on Charlotte's side at this point, sprinted across the ring and threw herself over the ropes, taking out everybody. It was an impressive feat and a reminder of just how much of an athlete the former champion is.

4. Night Night Tyler Breeze

The Bludgeon Brothers may not be at the tippy top of the card or be involved in some groundbreaking angle, but they continue to demand the fans' attention every single time they perform. The power moves they can perform as a tandem are downright incredible. Their outing against Breezango at Clash Of Champions was no exception. At one point during the match, Harper and Rowan had Tyler Breeze outside the ring and the move they performed on him rendered him done for the night. Both men lifted him with their heads under each of Tyler's arms and then Rowan slammed Prince Pretty face first into the apron. Ouch.


3. An End Of Days-Zig Zag Hybrid

Any veteran of the business will tell you that if you're not in the main event, you want to be in the opening match of the night. That honor was bestowed upon Bobby Roode, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler at Clash Of Champions. It was a smart decision from the powers-that-be too. It was one of the least anticipated matches on the card, but the three men involved gave the rest of the locker room a tough act to follow. Triple threat matches can be tricky, but this one delivered and also gave us an unexpected twist with The Showoff picking up the win to become a two time United States Champion. A lot of big moments in the match but the biggest was undoubtedly the finish. Corbin gave an End Of Days to Roode as he himself received a Zig Zag from Ziggler who then covered the now former champ for the win.


2. Jinder Mahal Doles Out Some Damage

How many of you were rooting for Jinder Mahal on Sunday night? We can't imagine there were many of you. Maybe that one guy with the homemade Jinder t-shirt in the front row. WWE may try and fool themselves and us into thinking Indian fans want The Modern Day Maharajah to win matches but even they likely root against the former WWE Champion. Fair play to Jinder though, he got an awful lot of impressive looking offense in against AJ Styles for a lot of their championship match on Sunday night. The most damaging looking part of that offence came when Jinder sent The Phenomenal One absolutely flying into the barricade. Styles went full tilt into (and headfirst over) the steel. Thankfully Styles rallied against Mahal's early onslaught and is still our WWE Champion.


1. Announce Table Frog Splash

Although Sunday night's show revolved around championships, the match with the most on the line was between the team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and the pairing of Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton. If Owens and Zayn lost, they would be fired from all of WWE. As expected, the match got confusing fast, but that was supposed to happen. There were two special guest referees and WWE very much played up to that fact. Needless to say Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon don't make great officials. Although their lack of realization that they should have been counting competitors out led to the top spot of the match. KO laid out The King Of Strong Style on an announce table and frog splashed him through it by jumping from another. It was an impressive move and one that completely took Nakamura out of the match for the rest of the evening.


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