5 Biggest Moments From Hell In A Cell 2017

Hell In A Cell has come and gone, leaving some MASSIVE moments in its wake. It's October, you know what that means! It's time for WWE to break out Hell In A Cell. This year, it was SmackDown Live's turn to host the event. The blue brand promised a pretty loaded card as well. Most notably, of course, were the two Hell In A Cell matches which wound up bookending the main card. Could Usos and The New Day continue to wow the WWE Universe? Did Shane McMahon figure out a way to top jumping off the cell? Read on and find out.

5. Natalya Takes The Easy Way Out

When it comes to pure wrestling ability then this might be the best matchup possible in terms of the women's division in WWE right now. It's hardly shocking either considering the wrestling lineage of both Charlotte Flair and Natalya. Nattie as Women's Champion has been a long time coming and it doesn't feel like she has had her fill with the belt yet, but on the other hand, it also feels like we've been waiting for Charlotte to win the title since her arrival on SmackDown Live. It was Natalya who made sure her time with the title will carry on for a little while yet, but the way she went about it was hardly ladylike. The Women's Champion brought a steel chair into play and got herself disqualified, losing the match but keeping her title in the process.


4. And Still Your WWE Champion...

At SummerSlam, Shinsuke Nakamura got his first ever shot at the WWE Championship. Thanks to a little help from The Singh Brothers, as per usual, Jinder Mahal managed to retain his title. The King Of Strong Style managed to get a rematch after defeating Randy Orton to become number one contender once again. Despite it not headlining the event, and not taking place inside Hell In A Cell, as Nakamura and Mahal made their way to the ring their match had a real big fight feel. That feeling had been well and truly extinguished by the final bell. Referee Charles Robinson busied himself with trying to eject Sunil and Samir from ringside as Nakamura planted a Kinsasha on the champ, only for Mahal to find the ropes when the count did eventually take place. Shortly after Mahal connected with his signature Khallas and picked up the win.


3. Baron Beats The Odds

Baron Corbin's bad luck look set to continue at Hell In A Cell. During the kick-off show for the event, Tye Dillinger was added to his United States Championship match after convincing SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan that he deserved to be. The Perfect Ten did beat Corbin on Tuesday night after all. Naturally, that left The Lone Wolf seething somewhat. A one on one match with AJ Styles is tough enough as it is without the added element of Tye Dillinger to consider. Well, actually it turns out that Dillinger being in the match actually helped Corbin pick up the win. The now former champion delivered a Phenomenal Forearm to The Perfect 10 only for Corbin to hurriedly kick Styles from the ring and claim the cover for himself. Finally some good luck for Corbin.


2. Hell In A Cell Becomes The Uso Penitentiary

It's always a smart idea to start a pay-per-view off with a big match and get the crowd hot. WWE certainly did that on Sunday night at Hell In A Cell. The opening match on the main card featured The Usos and New Day in what was the first ever Hell In A Cell match for the Tag Team Championships. These two teams have been wowing us again and again ever since they clashed at Battleground back in July, so putting them inside a cell was only going to promise can't miss television. There were kendo sticks, horrific looking dives into the cell walls, and even a couple of sets of handcuffs. Somewhat shockingly, it was Jimmy and Jey who finally managed to pick up the win after a long and grueling match. Not only does that mean the twins are now five-time Tag Team Champions, but also that the feud between the two teams looks set to continue. You'll hear no complaints from us.


1. Why, Sami, Why?

What has @samizayn done?! @shanemcmahonwwe @ko_fightowensfight #HIAC

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WWE made it very clear that the majority of their focus going into Hell In A Cell was on one match. The main event for the pay-per-view between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. Going into the match itself, you could just feel something monumental was going to happen, and that it did. Despite tearing each other apart inside the cell Shane-O and KO couldn't resist eventually stepping outside. Then came the ten minute period where every fan watching must have had a knot in their stomach. After Owens couldn't bring himself to jump from the cell McMahon recovered enough to join him atop the structure. Every single move on the cell's roof looked as if it might send one or both Superstars through it and into the ring. Eventually, The Prizefighter tried to climb down but McMahon caught him halfway down and sent him through the table below. But wait, there was so much more. McMahon then decided he wanted to pay homage to his death-defying leap from the cell at WrestleMania 32, returned to the top of the cell and leaped off only for KO to move out of the way. Except he didn't move. Sami Zayn saved him. The Underdog then cleared the EMTs, draped Owens over McMahon and demanded that the referee count three.

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