Biggest Moments From Raw- August 28, 2017

No Mercy is a mere four weeks away, technically even less, and judging by the way the card is currently shaping up, it could potentially be one hell of a show. WWE is clearly treating this as a big pay-per-view, and it showed with the amount of planning put into place for the pay-per-view on this week's Raw. Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman is already booked for the show, but that may not be the main event with Cena vs. Reigns being added to the card on Monday—if you missed their exchange on Raw, make sure you read on until the end of this list. It wasn't all about No Mercy on Monday though, and we were even treated to a championship match main event. That and four others have made our biggest moments list for this week's Raw.

5. Enzo Amore Makes His 205 Live Debut

Enzo Amore needed freshening-up, to say the least. His feud with Big Cass was stale, so weirdly enough, the unfortunate injury to his real life best friend may have been a blessing in disguise for Amore. Just 24 hours later, Smack Talker Skywalker found himself closing last week's edition of 205 Live. Well, this week on Raw, Amore got the chance to wrestle in the cruiserweight division for the very first time. Amore took on Noam Dar, and he won! Cruiserweight Champion Neville was watching extremely closely back stage, but unsurprisingly was not impressed. To sum up, though, Enzo Amore needed something new, and 205 Live needs new and different Superstars, this one was really a no brainer for WWE.


4. Brock Lesnar Addresses Braun Strowman

Considering the 24 hour period Brock Lesnar suffered at the hands of Braun Strowman last week, you would have maybe forgiven the Universal Champion for not showing up this week. The Beast may still have his title, but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Lesnar was lucky to escape the clutches of The Monster Among Men with gold still around his waist. Not only was Brock man handled at SummerSlam, but Braun put an exclamation point on his dominant performance via two power slams on Raw a day later. This week, the champ and his advocate had some choice words for Strowman, most of which were actually praising him, strangely enough. You know when Lesnar snatches the mic for himself that things are about to get serious though, and that's exactly what happened on Monday. Lesnar had just three words for Braun, Suplex City B***h.


3. Jeff Hardy Becomes Number One Contender

It feels like Raw opens with The Miz standing in the ring all too often these days. Well, this week it wasn't so bad as General Manager, Kurt Angle interrupted before the Intercontinental Champion could even get a word out. Last week, The Miz complained that his prestigious title didn't even feature on the SummerSlam card. Angle assured Miz that wouldn't be the case at No Mercy next month, and that he would also be defending the belt on Raw next week. The challenger? Whoever won an over the top rope battle royal then and there. The likes of Jason Jordan and Finn Balor failed to win the opportunity and it was Jeff Hardy standing tall come the end of the match. A nice surprise and maybe the beginning of something so much more.


2. Bliss And Banks In A Championship Main Event

The women of WWE headlining Raw and SmackDown Live is common nowadays, and there are few more fitting of the slot than Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. The feuding pair did battle in Raw's main event this week with Sasha's Women's Championship on the line. Another hard hitting match between the two who apparently dislike each other outside the realms of WWE, and a result that would come as no surprise to the wrestling statisticians among you. Bliss is once again the Raw Women's Champion, and Banks has still never successfully defended a championship in one single match. That wasn't all though. Nia Jax came to the ring post match to celebrate with her friend Alexa, at least that's how it seemed at first. Once Jax had Five Feet of Fury on her shoulders she dropped her to the mat and lifted the title above her head. Message sent.


1. John Cena Schools Roman Reigns

Thought you were going to have to wait until WrestleMania 34 to see John Cena versus Roman Reigns? Think again! Turns out the bout between WWE's two golden boys will be taking place at No Mercy in less than four weeks time. That meant a good old fashioned contract signing between the two on this week's Raw, and what a contract signing it was. There may have been no physicality between the two, but that didn't stop Cena from straight up pummeling his No Mercy opponent. You would think that WWE wouldn't have The Big Dog go one-on-one in a promo battle with Big Match John for obvious reasons, but they did, and the results were even more one-sided than you would have expected. Cena pulled absolutely no punches, effectively describing Reigns' as WWE corporate's attempt to recreate himself and also pointing out the fact that Roman can't cut a decent promo. We all know that John but damn, you aren't supposed to point it out. It was a dressing down that will go down in history, and after it the pair had to team up! They won of course, taking out Gallows and Anderson.


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