5 Biggest Moments From Raw - The Monsters Are Set To Battle

If one big title match wasn't enough to get you excited for Monday night's Raw, then no sooner had proceedings got under way we found out that there would actually be two championship matches over the course of the three hours. Both made the list of Monday night's biggest moments of course, but what else made the cut? Is Matt Hardy Broken? Or Woken? Or whatever WWE are referring to it as? Did Kane recover from a serious throat injury as quickly as Braun Strowman did? You'll have to read on to find out.

5. Elias Gets More Than He Bargained For

Elias went looking for Kurt Angle at the beginning of Raw wanting an Intercontinental Title match that, unfortunately for The Drifter, had already been given to Jason Jordan. Elias pushed the General Manager's buttons though so Angle promised him some stiff in-ring competition for later in the evening. That competition turned out to be Braun Strowman, and The Monster Among Men laid wasted to the keen musician before the match could even begin. Luckily for Elias, Kane's theme playing distracted Braun. The Big Red Machine was only present via the titantron though to announce that he and Strowman would be clashing on Raw next Monday.

4. Paige Returns To In Ring Action

Although Paige has been back on Raw for the past three editions of the show now, it wasn't until this week that she actually had a match. Two weeks ago the two-time champion announced that she was back and last week the six-woman tag match her and the rest of Absolution were supposed to take part in never took place. This week though Paige's match did go ahead, and it was a one on one with Sasha Banks. Naturally Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were at ring side, but The Boss had Bayley and Mickie James in her corner. Unsurprisingly it all came to blows outside the ring and while Sasha was distracted, Paige made her mark. The Brit delivered the Rampaige, picked up the win, and then the rest of Absolution picked at the bones of Banks.



3. Roman Reigns Successfully Defends His Title

#RomanReigns and @jordanwwejj will battle for the #ICTitle NEXT on #RAW!

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Following his attack on Roman Reigns last week, Kurt Angle came to the ring to open Raw on Monday night to presumably announce that Samoa Joe would be getting his hands on the Intercontinental Champion. Jason Jordan didn't give his on-screen dad the chance to get his words out though and instead requested that he take on The Big Dog. Despite Reigns wanting Joe, Jordan got what he desired by suplexing and angering the champ and the IC Title was on the line to boot. The Destroyer watched on from the top of the ramp as Jordan gave a pretty good account of himself. It wasn't enough though and Roman is still Intercontinental Champion. Even though Jordan threw Samoa Joe off of Roman after the match, the champ still decided to Superman Punch his rescuer. Clearly the grueling match they just had didn't improve his opinion on Angle's son.


2. Samoa Joe Foils The Shield

Following their Tag Team Title loss two weeks before Survivor Series, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were owed a rematch against three-time champions The Bar. Well this week they got it, but unfortunately they were not successful. The match came to what turned out to be a premature end when Sheamus, who was not the legal man at the time, went about incapacitating The Architect. The Irishman looked like a man possessed and subsequently got himself and Cesaro disqualified. Kurt Angle wasn't having the Raw main event come to such an unsatisfactory end however and ordered that the match be restarted, this time under no-disqualification rules. Sounds good on paper, but that opened up the door for Samoa Joe to intervene. Roman Reigns came out to level the playing field but by that point the damage had already been done. The Bar picked up the win and are still the Raw Tag Team Champions.

1. Bray Wyatt Has Been Sentenced To Deletion

@matthardybrand is #Woken. #RAW

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It's official folks, Matt Hardy is Broken. Well technically he's Woken but you get what we mean. If last week's break down didn't have you convinced then his interaction with Bray Wyatt this past Monday eliminated any doubt. The Eater Of Worlds began cutting one of his signature promos from an undisclosed location, only for a feed of Hardy to cut in and Woken Matt said his piece. The feeds went back and forth with both men doing their best to out-weird one another, but it was Matt who stole the show as the persona that made him so popular in TNA came back in full force. The dream feud between Broken Matt and Bray Wyatt is actually happening and it looks like WWE are going to let it be as good as we always hoped it would be. Wonderful!


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