5 Biggest Moments From Raw - November 6, 2017

Two nights a year Raw hails from the United Kingdom. Due to the time difference, those two nights are the only ones where Raw doesn't actually air live. Instead the show is recorded a few hours earlier and then broadcast at the normal time. Sometimes WWE can hold back on big moments since they always get out as spoilers due to the recorded nature of the show, but that was not the case this past Monday in Manchester. A landmark debut plus a huge main event with gold on the line and a whole lot more to get excited about on this week's Raw.

5. Sasha Banks Is Added To Team Raw

Following Asuka's win over Stacy Coates early on in proceedings, Alicia Fox announced the addition of The Empress to her team at Survivor Series. Well Sasha Banks and Bayley also thought they deserved to join Captain Fox's ranks and had the chance to prove it. The Boss and The Hugger went up against Alicia and Nia Jax in tag team action. For the most part it was a very even affair, and the turning point came when Banks and Bayley managed to dump Jax out of the ring. The Boss then saw her chance and slapped the Bank Statement on Fox who tapped almost instantly. After the match Fox reluctantly added Banks to Team Raw for Survivor Series, but snubbed Bayley.

4. Enzo Amore Gets A Surprise Opponent

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The current Cruiserweight Champion is getting a little bit too big for his boots. Enzo Amore is a two-time champion on WWE's purple brand and he damn sure knows it as was demonstrated by his long and boastful promo on this week's Raw. In all honesty most would have been wishing that Kalisto had interrupted the champ a little earlier. Even though the former champion was the one to derail Amore's promo, Kalisto wasn't the champ's opponent on Monday night. No, that honor was reserved for 205 Live's newest recruit, Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight made his main roster debut in his home country and what's more, he picked up a win. Despite having the lion's share of the offence, Amore nearly picked up the win by using the ropes as leverage for a pin fall. Kalisto was on hand to alert the oblivious official, however, and amid the distraction Dunne managed to connect with the Bitter End on Amore and earn the win.



3. Joe And Balor Battle To A Draw

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Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are no strangers to one another. The two had a heated rivalry and a number of matches over the NXT Championship before coming up to the main roster. The two well-traveled Superstars showed how well they know each other when they battled this past week on Raw. Not only did the two of them put on a pay-per-view quality match to wow the crowd in Manchester, but there was nothing to separate the two. The action heated up so much outside the ring that both men got counted out. Things didn't stop there though. Balor and Joe had to be held back by security to stop them brawling, and it was at that point that General Manager Kurt Angle emerged. The GM claimed both men exhibited exactly what he was looking for before adding them to Raw's Survivor Series team to fight alongside him.



2. Miz Gets Monster Handled

During the closing moments of last weeks Raw, The Miz out that there were consequences for the part he played in dumping Braun Strowman in the back of a garbage truck at TLC. This week those consequences continued as he was forced by Angle to go one-on-one with The Monster Among Men. Even with repeated distractions from his Miztourage at ring side, the Intercontinental Champion was made to suffer at the hands of Strowman. The Awesome One had a guardian demon though, Kane. The Big Red Machine made his way to the ring to lend a hand and Raw's resident monsters began to slug it out. Strowman hit a running power slam on the veteran only for Kane to sit straight back up. It was at this point that The Miz thought he would try his luck again only to be left laying.

1. The Bar Win The Tag Team Titles

The rivalry between The Bar and The Shield has been a long one. This week on Raw Sheamus and Cesaro convinced Angle to give them one last shot at Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and the GM granted them that. The Raw Tag Team Championships were on the line in Raw's main event and as always the four men involved put on a hell of a match. Then a spanner was thrown in the works. SmackDown Live's New Day arrived on Raw and the match came to a stand still as they openly mocked their red-brand rivals. Angle rallied the troops back stage and the majority of Raw's roster came to ring side expecting the rest of SmackDown Live's Superstars to turn up. They did not, and Sheamus took the opportunity to attack and pin Rollins since the match had technically not been stopped. Cesaro dragged away Ambrose as he tried to make the save and now we have new Raw Tag Team Champions. Roman Reigns returns to Raw next week, Shield versus New Day at Survivor Series anyone?


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