5 Biggest Moments From Raw- October 2, 2017

Last week's Raw fell a little flat coming off the back of what was a terrific No Mercy pay-per-view the night before. Surely, the only way was up this week. Two big matches promised to us a week in advance, and one of those with the potential of crowning a Grand Slam Champion. There was a lot to be optimistic about going into this week's Raw, but which five moments would stand out the most and make or break the three-hour flagship?

5. Seth And Strowman Open The Show

Last week, one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions Dean Ambrose decided to try his luck against Braun Strowman. The Lunatic Fringe put up a good fight but did not succeed in toppling The Monster Among Men. This week, the other half of Raw's top team, Seth Rollins, thought he would have a go as he and Strowman opened the show on Monday night. It's not often Raw opens with a match, and this one promised to be a good one. As expected, Strowman dominated proceedings for the most part, but Rollins certainly did his part. Like so many others before him, however, The Architect was eventually put away via Strowman's power slam. Clearly still irked by his loss to Lesnar at No Mercy, Strowman decided to continue his beatdown of Rollins post-match, then transferred that anger to Ambrose when he tried to help. The night only got worse for the champs as Sheamus and Cesaro then saw their chance to get their licks in once Strowman was finished brutalizing his prey.


4. How's That For An 'Old Woman'?

Despite Mickie James being younger than John Cena, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar (do I need to carry on?), WWE are pushing forward with the joke that the six-time Women's Champion is apparently really old. This week on Raw, James was greeted by a walker courtesy of Alexa Bliss, we presume, when she arrived in her locker room. James then went on the warpath looking for the Raw Women's Champion, and found her hiding behind Nia Jax. Rather than getting the match against the champ that James wanted, she wound up getting one against Bliss's on-again-off-again friend/bodyguard, Nia Jax. James actually gave a good showing against the woman who claims to not be like most girls, and if it wasn't for an interfering Bliss, she may very well have won. Her performance didn't go unnoticed though and Kurt Angle announced after the match that Mickie James will get a Women's Title shot at TLC.

3. Enzo Gets More Than He Bargained For

For the second week in a row, Enzo Amore planted his flag in what he considers to be prime real estate, the closing segment of Raw. During a typically long-winded promo, the Cruiserweight Champion revealed that in addition to none of the 205 Live roster being eligible for a title shot after what they did to him last week, if any of them were to do it again they would be fired. That didn't stop all of them from surrounding Amore and trapping him in the ring. None of them could do anything though, but somebody could. Kurt Angle then emerged and revealed the newest member of 205 Live, Kalisto. The luchador is exempt from any of the deals Amore made with the GM, so the former US Champion ran to the ring and went to work on Smacktalker Skywalkeer.


2. The Shield Tease Continues

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Roman Reigns had the chance to become a Grand Slam Champion on Monday night by defeating The Miz and winning his Intercontinental Championship. To maximize the chances of that happening The Big Dog eliminated the rest of the champion's Miztourage before the bout had even begun. Then, and only then, did Reigns get down to business. The match was much shorter than most would have imagined and also didn't end the way that you may have thought. Just as Reigns was lining up a spear, Sheamus and Cesaro appeared, dragging Reigns from the ring and beating him down. It resulted in The Miz getting disqualified and thus retaining his title. After the match, all three men continued to decimate Reigns and at the behest of Miz, they gave the outnumbered Samoan a Shield-style triple powerbomb. While the lack of explanation as to why Sheamus and Cesaro got involved stinks of WWE trying to force a Shield reunion, the closing image was once again a powerful one. Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro with their fists united over a lifeless Roman Reigns. Well, if they were trying to reunite The Shield they might have accomplished their mission. Just before Raw went off the air, Reigns was joined in the locker room by his former brothers. None of them said a word but all three nodded and it looks like the reunion is a go.


1. 'Abigail Is Alive, And She Is Dying To Meet You'

Finn Balor has beaten Bray Wyatt at two straight pay-per-views now. Not only that but for their match at No Mercy, the Irishman didn't even need to summon The Demon in order to defeat his latest foe. You would think after that, Bray would back off, but no. Last week, Wyatt attempted to scare Balor with his creepy child singer act. Balor revealed this week that it didn't work. What happened after that revelation may have had Balor a little spooked though. The Eater Of Worlds appeared on the big screen while Balor was in the ring and delivered one of the most intriguing promos he has in a long time. Wyatt told Balor to once again summon his demon, but Bray had something of his own to summon. The former WWE Champion informed Balor that Sister Abigail is alive, and she is dying to meet him. We then got a glimpse of what we can only assume was Abigail in one of the creepiest things we've seen from Wyatt to date, and that's saying something.


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