5 Biggest Moments From Raw - Reigns Puts On A Show

There are some weeks when WWE do their utmost days before Raw or SmackDown Live go on the air to make sure that they get viewers. This was one of those weeks. Long before Raw had even begun we knew most of the matches that were going to be taking place. Braun Strowman and Kane would be doing battle in the night's main event while all three members of The Shield had singles matches against the three men who thoroughly ruined their evening last week on Raw. Throw in another edition of the Woken Matt saga and an appearance from Absolution and you've got yourself a pretty nice little show. Well not little because it's three hours long, but you get what we mean.

5. Woken Matt And Bray Wyatt Go At It Again

Woken Matt Hardy is in WWE and is in full swing. For the second week in a row this Monday night he and Bray Wyatt went back and forth in a promo battle that no fan thought they would ever see. This week's installment wasn't as good as last week's but it was never going to be after the surprise of Matt's interruption last Monday. WWE is clearly building to a match between The Woken One and The Eater of Worlds, but when that will be and what it will entail remains unclear. Wyatt spoke his normal gibberish referring to Hardy as the ying to his yang while Matt informed us that the Woken Warriors are gathering. This week's promo battle also felt a little more manufactured than last week's. WWE needs to scale back on that if they truly want this to work.

4. Absolution Finally Got What Was Coming To Them

Absolution started their Monday night off with a win. Paige and Mandy Rose used under handed tactics in order to pick up a win over Mickie James and Bayley. As has been the pattern in recent weeks though, Paige and her cronies made a second appearance later in the evening in order to try and spook Asuka. Only this week they did more than spook The Empress, they attacked her. What they didn't account for was the other seven women from the Raw locker room coming to help Asuka. Absolution's numbers game was suddenly turned on its head and after suffering a beat down the three of them ran for the hills with their tail's between their legs.


3. Jason Jordan Costs Dean Ambrose The Match

Dean Ambrose and Samoa Joe squared off for the first time ever this week on Raw. Only trouble is they were not alone. Jason Jordan was very much of the belief that he should have been the one taking on The Destroyer so sat at ring side to watch things go down. That would have been all well and good if he didn't decide to make his way down the entrance way towards the ring while the match was going on. Initially things went the way that Jordan would have wanted them to. His involvement and distractions wound up benefiting Ambrose. That was until Dean had Joe covered while Jordan had the referee's attention. The Lunatic then confronted Jordan and that's when Joe swayed the match back in his favor. Shortly after that Dean found himself passed out in the coquina clutch at which point the referee called for the bell.

2. Roman ReignsΒ Is Still Intercontinental Champion

Seth Rollins managed to pick up a win against Sheamus earlier in the evening, but Roman Reigns had a little more than pride on the line when it came to his match compared to that of his Shield brothers. The Big Dog's Intercontinental Championship was on the line when he took on Cesaro as he remains to keep good on his promise of defending it against anyone who is willing to step up. While the Rollins-Sheamus match from earlier in the night was good, this bout was superb. Cesaro is a terrific wrestler and Roman continues to prove that if in there with the right guys he can have great matches. There were even moments when it looked as if the title was going to change hands. No such luck though and Roman is still the Intercontinental Champion.

1. Strowman And Kane Battle To A Draw

It didn't seem possible that the main event of this week's Raw could become any bigger, then shortly before the show went on the air it was announced that the winner would get a shot at Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship. Unfortunately though it would appear that Braun Strowman and Kane are so hell-bent on destroying one another that a shot at the title is taking a back seat at this point. Thanks to them picking each other apart outside the ring both of them were counted out and the match ended in a draw. The bout wasn't restarted and instead the two monsters were left to lay waste to each other. Chairs, stairs, and tables were involved and it was the latter of those three that brought an end to proceedings when Braun put his opponent through one. The match was long over by that point though so we still have no number one contender.


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