5 Biggest Moments From Raw - New IC Champ Is Crowned

One thing was for certain heading into Monday night's Raw, and that was there was a lot of cleaning up and explaining to do after what went down at Survivor Series on Sunday night. Not only were Triple H's actions naturally going to spark some pretty serious consequences, but Monday night's show also marked the beginning of normal service resuming. No one is under siege any more, Raw won the battle of the brands, and it was time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Being the night after a big show too you can rest assured that there were going to be some pretty big moments.

5. Samoa Joe Choked Out Finn Balor

The first match of Monday night was a one that NXT fans would be all too familiar with, Finn Balor versus Samoa Joe. The two stars had many battles over the NXT Championship last year and now they are renewing hostilities on the main roster. Their rivalry has been on hold for the last couple of weeks though due to them having to set their differences aside in order to help Team Raw succeed. Balor actually had a pretty good showing in the Survivor Series main event, helping to eliminate John Cena. He didn't fare so well on Raw though. As we know all too well once Joe gets that Coquina Clutch locked in there's nothing his opponents can do, and that's exactly what happened to Balor on Monday. The Irishman didn't tap but after passing out he didn't have to.


4. Miz TV Doesn't Exactly Go To Plan For Its Host

The Miz managed to bag himself a major guest for Monday night's edition of Miz TV, Roman Reigns. This may be the quickest an edition of the long running talk segment has ever gone awry. Reigns took his sweet time to answer Miz's introduction and when he did he brought the rest of The Shield with him. Seth Rollins explained to Miz that he and Ambrose aim to win back the Raw Tag Team Championships. Reigns chipped in though saying that he didn't want to be the only Hound of Justice without a title. That's when The Big Dog turned his attention to the gold draped over The Awesome One's shoulder. When Reigns challenged him to a match though The Miztourage stepped between them. Naturally The Shield dispatched of them pretty quickly and after a short commercial break it was announced that Reigns would get the shot he desired later that night.


3. Kane Returned To Exact His Revenge

At the beginning of the night Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were unsurprisingly confronted by Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle, and Jason Jordan. Jordan wanted a match with The Game, but WWE's power couple did not oblige. Instead Steph put the former Tag Team Champion in a match with The Monster Among Men. The match up didn't last very long before Jordan's knee injury flared up and he began to back away from the challenge in front of him. That's when Kane made his presence known. Last week The Big Red Machine was slammed through the ring by Strowman and he wanted revenge. He got it in the way of a steel chair beating, one that culminated in him using it on Strowman's throat. Clearly the beef between Raw's two monsters is far from over.


2. Paige's Return


Four women interrupted Alexa Bliss's promo on Monday night and were subsequently placed into a Fatal Four Way to decide who would face Raw's Resident Goddess for her title next. It felt like another missed opportunity on WWE's part to return Paige to proceedings, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Paige did in fact return and it was so much better than merely placing her in the match. The British Superstar effectively declared war on Monday night's women's division and she did not come alone. Her and NXT Superstars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose took to the ring and laid waste to everyone in it. They then stopped Alexa Bliss short back stage and did the exact same thing to her. Consider every woman on Raw officially on notice.

1. Roman Reigns Wins The Intercontinental Championship

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As detailed above Roman Reigns made his intentions very clear during The Shield's appearance on Miz TV. He wanted a crack at the Intercontinental Championship. Well he got it in Raw's main event. For those who don't think either of the men in this match are good wrestlers then you need to give this bout some of your attention. A terrific showdown between the two and one that wound up with a bit of history being made. As expected certain Superstars made their way to ring side to disrupt proceedings. First Sheamus and Cesaro, although their distraction of Reigns did not pay off. Then the rest of The Shield joined the fun in order to level the playing field. It was at this point that Reigns saw his chance and connected with a spear on the now former champ. That's right Reigns picked up the win and not only is he the Intercontinental Champion, but the win now makes him a Grand Slam Champion.


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