Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- August 22, 2017

The Raw after SummerSlam fell a little flat on Monday night, but SmackDown Live had no plans whatsoever of following suit. If WWE wants SummerSlam to be almost as big a weekend as WrestleMania then, they need to make the days that follow note worthy. Raw and a SmackDown Live need to be shows where anything can happen. The blue brand did exactly that. SmackDown Live was two hours packed with a ton of action that included a huge debut, a returning Superstar, and a great main event title match. Picking five big moments from Raw was a challenge because, aside from John Cena appearing, nothing much happened. Putting this list together for SmackDown Live was quite the opposite, and the challenge came in keeping the big moments down to just five.


5. Kevin Owens' Whining Gets Him ANOTHER Rematch

It's starting to feel like Kevin Owens is simply never going to admit that maybe, just maybe, AJ Styles is a better wrestler than he is. Shane McMahon officiated the pair's United States Championship match at SummerSlam, so since KO lost. Of course, he was going to complain about it come SmackDown Live. It was actually Styles who opened the show, trying to initiate an open challenge for his title. Naturally, Owens answered the challenge, and rather than have a match he began to air his grievances about McMahon's officiating. McMahon joined the two of them and clearly, Styles got to a point where he was sick of Owens' complaining. Not only did he tell Shane O-Mac to make the match for later that night, but to also grant Owens his request of being able to pick his own referee.

4. Shinsuke Nakamura Gets Revenge On Jinder Mahal

When Daniel Bryan called Jinder Mahal to his office and informed the Modern Day Maharajah that he believed Shinsuke Nakamura deserved some retribution after their SummerSlam match, the WWE Champion was worried it might come in the form of a rematch. Not so, at least not yet. Instead, Mahal's faithful Singh Brothers were the ones who had to take on the King of Strong Style in a handicap match. Normally, Superstars would love to have the advantage in a two-on-one match, but against Nakamura, the Singhs never stood a chance. After Shinsuke picked up the win Mahal rushed to the ring, and that's when The Artist really got his revenge. Nakamura avoided Mahal's panicked attack and left the champion lying following a Kinsasha.

3. AJ Styles Is Still US Champion

You would have thought when Kevin Owens demanded he gets to choose his own referee for the night's main event, he would have had someone in mind. Well, shockingly the first man he went to was Sami Zayn who declined after taking some time to think about it. Eventually, KO had to settle for Baron Corbin who requested he be Owens' first challenger should he win the belt. For the most part, Corbin called it right down the middle, until a minor altercation led to a fast count and Shane McMahon forcibly took Corbin's place as the match's official. Owens was obviously not pleased, and soon after KO was pinned following a Phenomenal Forearm. McMahon made it very clear that it would be Owens' last shot at the U.S.Ttitle as long as Styles is champ, which means all of his efforts will now be focused on getting revenge on McMahon.

2. Shelton Benjamin Is Back

Chad Gable was left somewhat high and dry by Jason Jordan when his former tag-team partner made his way to Raw to be with his new found father, Kurt Angle. On SmackDown Live this week, Gable quite rightfully voiced his annoyance at Jordan's status being the only thing anyone ever asks him about nowadays. Well, Bryan had a pretty cool idea to remedy that in the form of a replacement of sorts for Jason Jordan. Daniel revealed that he signed a new tag partner for Gable, and that partner was Shelton Benjamin. Chad was understandably pretty excited and clearly eager to test the waters with his new partner. He'll have to wait until next week though as Bryan announced that'll be when they make their debut.


1. SmackDown Live Just Went From Great To Glorious


Rumors have been swirling ever since NXT Takeover Brooklyn III this past weekend that certain Superstars from Full Sail would be debuting on the main roster this week. The top of everyone's wish list was Bobby Roode. Well, after radio silence on Raw, consider that wish granted by SmackDown Live. Just as Aiden English looked set to burst into song, as he so often does, he was interrupted by a musical number that the WWE Universe was much more interested in hearing. The crowd in Brooklyn sang along with every single word as Roode made his way to the ring, and Roode made a successful debut as he defeated English in short order. Renee Young interviewed the former NXT Champion after the match who declared that SmackDown Live had been upgraded from great to glorious.

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