Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- RKO On Rusev Day

This time of year in WWE guarantees one thing, big moments. The two months between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are filled with shows that the creative minds at WWE need to use every second of wisely to keep those casual viewers who are tuning back-in enticed. When it comes to that side of things, SmackDown Live has been a little hit and miss as of late. There was a time when the blue brand was positively unmissable. The show needs some momentum and some moments and with Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens main eventing Tuesday night's show, you could rest assured there would be some moments on this edition of SmackDown Live.

5. Benjamin And Gable Dominate The Ascension

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin appear to have been the chosen ones in the tag division recently. The team that has been trying to step up to the same level as The Usos and The New Day. That's why they're the ones who have been chasing Jimmy and Jey's tag team gold. Well, that chase has come to an unsuccessful end, but it doesn't mean the plight of Benjamin and Gable has to also. The two of them took on The Ascension this week and looked to further prove why they will one day hold Tag Team Championships together. The move that ended the match and earned them the win began with an incredible German suplex from Gable and ended with him clotheslining Viktor off of Benjamin's shoulders.


4. Powerbombing With Ease

The Bludgeon Brothers seem to be inching ever closer to not just a meaningful rivalry, but one that may culminate in them getting a Tag Team Title shot. They once again crossed paths with The Usos on SmackDown Live this week, but there has still been no physicality between the two teams. No, that was saved for the local talents Harper and Rowan had faced moments before. The poor enhancement talents were treated in the same way as so many before them as if they were mannequins that weigh nothing at all. The move of the match came when Rowan loaded up one of their opponents on to the shoulders of Harper so that he could slam him with force down on the mat.


3. A Kick Worthy Of Any Rusev Day

Sometimes, WWE creative can be guilty of covering their ears and ignoring the fans when they clearly chant what they want to see. At this point in time, that thankfully doesn't seem to be happening with Rusev and Rusev Day. This week on SmackDown Live, The Bulgarian Brute had a shot at Bobby Roode's United States Title. While it was never very likely that the championship would change hands on Tuesday night, there were points in the matchup where it seemed as if Rusev was about to celebrate Rusev Day in style. Most notably, when the European star kicked Roode right in the side of the head following a distraction from Aiden English. Sadly though, it wasn't quite good enough to finish off The Glorious One.


2. RKOs For All

Despite a pretty great match from Rusev and Roode—one that saw The Glorious One standing tall with his United States Title still in hand once the bell rang it was neither man in the match that got the last laugh. In fact, it wasn't even Rusev's loyal companion Aiden English. No, after the match a new face interjected himself into the US Championship scene, Randy Orton. Amid Roode's celebrations, The Apex Predator appeared out of nowhere, as he so often does, and planted the match winner into the mat via an RKO. Not wanting to take sides The Viper also delivered his signature move to English and a recovering Rusev.


1. Now That's A Tornado DDT

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have fought one another countless times in promotions all over the world. With that in mind, it's amazing that the two of them still find ways to make their matches new and entertaining. This past Tuesday's main event was the first time they have clashed in a while, and it was once again a terrific showing from the two. The moves performed by both men exemplify not only why they get along so well and have such great in-ring chemistry, but also why both men are World Title caliber competitors. One of the highlights of the match was Zayn's incredibly athletic tornado DDT. It might be a move that we have seen him perform before but it is one that we will never tire of seeing.


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Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- RKO On Rusev Day