5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live Hell In A Cell Fallout- October 10, 2017

SmackDown Live has come and gone for October 10, 2017, but it featured some huge moments.

Are you ready for some Hell In A Cell fallout? Well, you better be because, naturally, that's what this week's SmackDown Live was all about. The blue brand crowned a couple of new champions on Sunday night, one of which had to defend his title on Tuesday night. All of that was very exciting of course but let's be honest, we were all watching SmackDown Live for one reason. Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens' Hell In A Cell match had a pretty jaw-dropping and tumultuous ending and we desperately needed to know what was next for all parties involved.


5. The Usos And New Day's Feud Had To End Some Time

SmackDown Live opened this week with the now five-time Tag Team Champions calling out New Day. It wasn't to berate them however, but rather to let them know they respect them. There was always a chance that their epic match inside Hell In A Cell was going to be their last, for now at least, and that does appear to be the case. The rest of the blue brand's tag division made their way to the ring to take part in a match to decide who would be the next challengers to Jimmy and Jey's crowns. The WWE Universe made it abundantly clear that they wanted Breezango to win the match, and the bout also featured more dissent between The Hype Bros. The eventual honors went to neither of those teams however, and it will actually be Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin getting a title shot.


4. Luke Harper And Erick Rowan Are Back

Turns out that not every tag team currently active on SmackDown Live was present in the night's opening segment. Benjamin and Gable may be the number one contenders for now, but the whole tag division should be on notice. Why? Because Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are reunited and they're on their way back. The Bludgeon Brothers as they now appear to be calling themselves sent a warning out to the rest of SmackDown Live dressed in cloaks and holding what appeared to be large hammers or mallets. What that all means remains unclear and the important thing is that Harper and Rowan are back on television where they belong.

3. The King And The Viper Chalk Up A Win

The absence of Jinder Mahal on this week's SmackDown Live and the placement of Shinsuke Nakamura on the card would suggest that The King of Strong Style's pursuit of the WWE Championship is over for now. Instead, Nakamura teamed up with Randy Orton to take on the team of Rusev and Aiden English. Considering the pretty unbalanced sides it was never in very much doubt who exactly would be winning this one. Shinsuke planted a Kinsasha on English to pick up the win while Orton ran interference on The Bulgarian Brute via an RKO.


2. Corbin Wins Clean Over Styles

An almost instantaneous title rematch normally means one of two things. Either the championship is about to head straight back where it came from, or WWE wants to bring the feud to a swift close. Well, for Baron Corbin and AJ Styles it appears to be the latter. The Phenomenal One wanted his rematch on SmackDown Live this week and he got it in Tuesday night's main event. AJ Styles win wouldn't have been a massive shock considering the apparent punishment The Lone Wolf has undergone as of late, but lucky for Corbin, that period seems to have passed. Not only did Corbin win the hard-hitting main event, but he beat Styles clean in the middle. A big 48 hours for our new United States Champion.


1. Zayn Explains Himself

There was only one question on everyone's lips going into SmackDown Live this week. Why did you do it, Sami? The fans were dying to hear an explanation as to why Zayn helped Kevin Owens at Hell In A Cell, and it was a bruised and battered Owens who introduced the man he described as his guardian angel. Shockingly, Zayn looked incredibly happy and took great pleasure in clearing some things up. He pointed out how Owens had enjoyed tremendous success in WWE acting the way that he does whereas he himself was continually being passed over. Zayn explained that something clicked when he was watching the cell match on Sunday and he decided to join forces with The Prizefighter, a man he described on SmackDown Live this week as his brother, before finishing up with an embrace of his new ally. Who knew that Sami Zayn would make such a great heel?


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5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live Hell In A Cell Fallout- October 10, 2017