5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- A Glorious DDT

As regular readers of these lists will know, The Bludgeon Brothers are a recurring feature in SmackDown Live's biggest moments each week. Their powerful and innovative move set commands at least one spot among the top five every Tuesday. Unfortunately though, they were nowhere to be seen this past Tuesday night. Never fear though, as plenty of other men and women from SmackDown Live stepped in and filled their enormous shoes. Here are this past Tuesday's five biggest moments and we'll let you decide how many of them measure up to what Harper and Rowan regularly contribute to the list.

5. That's Some Incredible Core Strength

The women's roster in WWE has never been as stacked as it is in the present day, not even close. The amount of talented female Superstars on the roster right now is incredible and we got to witness six of them in tag action this past Tuesday night. Despite all of that talent, up and down the roster there is still one woman who stands out above all the others, Charlotte Flair. The SmackDown Women's Champion is an incredible athlete and although her team lost this week, she demonstrated that. While in the ring with Ruby Riott, Flair locked her legs around her opponent and repeatedly used them to flip her over her head. A pretty impressive feat of strength.


4. Liv Morgan's Awesome Finisher

As mentioned in the previous entry, despite Charlotte Flair's impressive showing and athletic ability, it was not her team that walked out of SmackDown Live with the win. No, this week the honors went to The Riott Squad. It wasn't their fearless leader that got the pinfall either as it was actually Liv Morgan earning them the win. She did it in devastating fashion too. We're not sure what Morgan calls her finisher but we would very much like her to keep using it. It involves her delivering double knees to her opponent's face, sort of like Cedric Alexander's Lumbar Check but right between the eyes instead of to your back. Naomi was the recipient and she was never going to be getting up before the count of three.



3. Mojo's Massive Shoulder Block

Mojo Rawley has well and truly proved that he is better than his former Hype Bro Zack Ryder, beating him resoundingly both times the two have stepped in the ring. Well, his last win over Ryder earned him a semi-final match in the US Title tournament versus Bobby Roode but that is as far as Rawley managed to get, losing to The Glorious One on Tuesday night. That didn't stop the former football player from getting some serious offense in and it looked as if he called upon his previous experience for some of that offense. Early on in the match Rawley sent Roode flying with an extremely impressive looking shoulder block.


2. A Devastating Khallas

Jinder Mahal finally finds himself at the level that he should have been at for pretty much the entirety of the last year. Chasing after the United States Title makes so much more sense for a man WWE is attempting to paint as a foreign menace than forcing him into the WWE Championship picture. Well, The Modern Day Maharajah came one big step closer to claiming the US Title this past Tuesday night (and then a much bigger step back later in the evening of course but we'll get to that). Mahal dominated his semi-final opponent Xavier Woods with very little in the way of a come back from the New Day member. Mahal sent Woods head first into the bottom rope late on in the match and from there on in he didn't need to do much to finish him off. His weapon of choice? An extremely effective Khallas that saw Mahal dump Woods on his neck and pick up the win.


1. A Championship Winning DDT

Jinder Mahal may have left Xavier Woods in a crumpled heap via a nasty looking Khallas to make it to the final of the United States Title tournament, but he couldn't quite nail the move when it came to his second opponent of the night. With the final moved from next week to this one, both Mahal and Bobby Roode had to wrestle twice on SmackDown Live with the winner of the main event becoming the new US Champion. The last moments of the match did indeed look like they would contain a Khallas, but The Glorious One managed to wriggle out of it and instead plant The Maharajah firmly into the mat with his Glorious DDT. The most important of his career so far as it has won him the US Championship.


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