5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- A New Champion Crowned

If you thought Raw from Manchester was big on Monday night, then wait until you get a load of what went down in the very same building just 24 hours later. Clearly, anything Raw can do SmackDown Live believes they can do better. A Tag Team Championship match, a WWE Title match, plus a whole lot more. One thing was for certain, whatever went down on Tuesday night would have huge ramifications when it came to Survivor Series which is now less than two weeks away.

5. Tag Team Title Match Ends In A Count Out

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable need to get some momentum going if they really want to make a go of their run as a team. That momentum could have very well begun this week on SmackDown Live had it not been for a freak accident bringing their first shot at tag team gold to a premature end. Chad Gable delivered a chop block to Jey Uso outside the ring and the Tag Team Champion did not land very well. Clearly, the twin hurt himself pretty badly, and despite his best efforts, couldn't make it back into the ring to answer a ten count. It's a real shame and hopefully, the injury is not as bad as it looks, because it looked pretty nasty.


4. Kofi Kingston Shocks Sami Zayn

Fans of SmackDown Live were led to believe they may not see The New Day in Manchester on Tuesday night. The trio was apparently supposed to be touring with the Raw roster for the rest of the UK tour but turns out they were present as they opened the show with Shane McMahon. While the commissioner was commending the four-time Tag Team Champions for their actions the night before, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interrupted to give their two cents. The confrontation led to McMahon booking the night's opening match, Sami Zayn versus Kofi Kingston. Despite it being quite an even affair, the match came to a rather surprising and abrupt end. Kingston shocked Zayn with a cross body to pick up the win. KO got a few kicks in post-match but was quickly chased away by the rest of The New Day.


3. Rusev Fails To Earn A Survivor Series Spot

Rusev was due to face AJ Styles this week on SmackDown Live with the winner earning that final spot on Team SmackDown Live at Survivor Series. Well, with Styles getting a WWE Championship match, that left Rusev without an opponent. Instead, his match was changed to a "win and you're in" type deal against the already qualified Randy Orton. It's pretty straightforward stuff, and arguably an easier way into the match for The Bulgarian Brute. Well perhaps not. Even though Orton couldn't connect with an RKO right from the off as he tried to do, he would do by the end of the match. It came out of nowhere, as it always does, and spelled the end of Rusev's hopes of joining him and the rest of Team Blue at Survivor Series.


2. Becky Makes Ellsworth Tap

Intergender matches in WWE are a thing of the past for the most part. The last time matches like these were commonplace was decades ago during the Attitude Era with the likes of Chyna even winning the Intercontinental Championship. Well, we had somewhat of a throwback this week on SmackDown Live as James Ellsworth went one on one with Becky Lynch. Before the bout, Ellsworth said some pretty derogatory things about women and even included Carmella in his comments. When the match actually started, it was a lot more competitive than most would have probably expected. Ellsworth actually got quite a bit of offense in on Lynch. Eventually, though, Ellsworth tried to leave and was stopped by the rest of the SmackDown Live women who were surrounding the ring. Once he was forced to return, Lynch put him in the Disarm-her and Ellsworth was quick to tap. In came Carmella, but not for the reason you'd think. Miss Money In The Bank super kicked Ellsworth. Clearly, she heard what her former lap dog had to say about her earlier in the evening.


1. AJ Styles Is Your New WWE Champion

The warning signs were there indicating this one was going to happen, but deep down we don't think anyone believed that it actually would, at least not yet. WWE randomly and unexpectedly booked a WWE Championship match between Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles for this week on SmackDown Live, then that was swiftly followed by them adding a collection dedicated to The Phenomenal One on the WWE Network. A win for Styles on Tuesday night would not only mean the crowning of a new champion, but would also indicate huge changes for Survivor Series. Well, start making those changes because AJ Styles is now a two time WWE Champion. The Face That Runs The Place defeated The Modern Day Maharajah bringing an end to his six month reign as WWE Champion. Now, it will be Styles taking on Brock Lesnar in a little under two weeks time at Survivor Series.


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The New Day Was Meant To Be More Than Three Superstars

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5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- A New Champion Crowned