5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live: Jinder Mahal Wants Brock Lesnar

As SmackDown Live starts to build to Survivor Series, the October 17, 2017 episode was full of massive moments. Here's a rundown of the biggest.

This edition of SmackDown Live was a pretty highly anticipated one. The continuation of the intriguing angle involving Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens played a big part in the show of course, but there was also the issue of what exactly Jinder Mahal had to tell us all. Rumors were abound that the WWE Champion had a pretty big challenge to issue in relation to Survivor Series which grows ever closer. That announcement made the top five biggest moments of course, but what else warranted a place on the list?

5. Charlotte Gets Her Own Back

WWE is once again of the belief that all the women on one brand need to be crammed into the same segment. That happened on SmackDown Live this week as the team of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Naomi took on the trio of Tamina, Natalya, and Lana in six-woman tag action. Miss Money In The Bank Carmella was even at ringside for good measure. It was the opening match of the night, the ladies weren't given an awful lot of time, but it's better than not being on the show at all. Flair managed to lock in the Figure Eight on The Ravishing Russian leaving Lana no option but to tap. An irate Women's Champion didn't take kindly to losing and attempted to repeat the steel chair beating she gave Charlotte at Hell In A Cell. No such luck for the champion, and Nattie ate a big boot from Flair before she could once again utilize the steel chair.


4. Dolph Ziggler Also Gets A Little Payback

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Charlotte wasn't the only person on SmackDown Live to get a little Hell In A Cell retribution. Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode had a rematch on Tuesday night and this time it was The Showoff having his hand raised once the bell rang. In typical heel style though, he did it by grabbing a handful of The Glorious One's tights. The trouble is, that's what Roode did when he defeated Ziggler in the original matchup a little over a week ago. While it's obvious who the face and heel are in this ongoing feud, WWE really does need to be more careful when it comes to the finishes of their matches.


3. Sin Cara Shocks Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has made it abundantly clear that he is by no means going to be the same kind of United States Champion that AJ Styles was before him. For starters, there will be absolutely no open challenges while The Lone Wolf has the star-spangled title in his possession. He asked the WWE Universe whether they'd like to see him put the belt up for grabs against his opponent for the evening Sin Cara, only to reveal that the offer was, in fact, hollow. Whether the championship was on the line or not, it's likely that not many people were expecting what came next. Sin Cara managed to defeat the champ. Granted it was by count out but a win's a win.


2. Owens And Zayn Make Quite The Team

Last week, we got an explanation from Sami Zayn as to why exactly he did what he did at Hell In A Cell. Well, just seven days later, The Underdog is already very much embracing the heel lifestyle. Zayn berated SmackDown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan during the opening segment of the night and was quickly joined by his new best friend, Kevin Owens. While Bryan, unfortunately, can't retaliate himself, he managed to find a couple of guys who can on his behalf, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton. Bryan's hand-picked pair faced off against Owens and Zayn in Tuesday night's main event, but they were not successful. Zayn got the cover on Orton, but he did use a low blow to aid his cause. Next week though, Shane McMahon is back and he will have a lot of questions for The Prizefighter and his new buddy.


1. Jinder Wants The Beast

WWE announced that Jinder Mahal had a big Survivor Series challenge to issue on SmackDown Live this week. Rumor had it that the challenge was going to be for Brock Lesnar. Surely not right? Well actually, it was. The Modern Day Maharajah believes that he is all out of competition on SmackDown Live and now wants to try his hand and beating The Beast. Lesnar will respond in kind on Raw this coming Monday, but in the meantime, Mahal got a response from someone much closer to home. SmackDown Live's AJ Styles didn't take too kindly to the WWE Champion's comments that he is all out of opponents on the blue brand and had some choice words for Mahal followed by a swift beat down.


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5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live: Jinder Mahal Wants Brock Lesnar