5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- September 26, 2017

With Raw's No Mercy in the rearview mirror, that can only mean one thing, a SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view is on the horizon. In less than two weeks time, the men and women of Tuesday nights will fill the card at Hell In A Cell. Going into this week's SmackDown Live there were actually only three matches officially booked for the event, so there were a lot of wheels to really set in motion on the show this week. On top of that, we, of course, saw the feud between Owens and Shane furthered along with the current angle revolving around the WWE Championship.

5. Nakamura Finally Gets Some Revenge

The past few weeks have frankly been a little painful to watch when it comes to the promos Jinder Mahal has been cutting on his upcoming Hell In A Cell opponent, Shinsuke Nakamura. Not only have The Modern Day Maharajah and WWE come under fire for the somewhat racist nature of some of the things being said, but the lack of retaliation from The King of Strong Style has been incredibly frustrating. Both of those problems were remedied this week. No racism from the WWE Champion and Nakamura finally came to the ring to put a stop to the almost unwatchable television. Advantage Shinsuke with just one episode of SmackDown Live left before their championship showdown.


4. The Deadman Is Back?

Have we seen...the return of #TheDeadman?! #TheUndertaker #SDLive #WWE

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The gong sounded, the lights went out, and the all too familiar sound of The Undertaker's entrance music began to play. It was not The Deadman, however, and it's hard to imagine that many people were fooled by who was actually on their way to the ring. Once again, Dolph Ziggler took it upon himself to mock a Superstar's entrance and complain that those with flashy gimmicks are given all the opportunities. Well, SmackDown Live newcomer Bobby Roode finally heard enough. The Glorious One has a pretty flashy entrance himself, so unsurprisingly, he took issue with Ziggler's point of view. Roode challenged Ziggler to a match at Hell In A Cell, and thus the chance to prove he's more than just a catchy theme song, and The Showoff accepted.


3. It's Rusev Day!

September 26 is now officially Rusev Day, the mayor of The Bulgarian Brute's hometown said so. Let us rewind a little. On Tuesday night, Rusev put together a little celebration for himself to commemorate his quick, and not particularly impressive, win over Randy Orton last week. The aforementioned mayor was there along with Aiden English who sang Rusev to the ring as well as banging out a tune about the Bulgarian that he wrote to the tune of The Viper's entrance music. Rusev may have enjoyed being the center of attention for a while, but it didn't take long for Orton appear and dole out some RKOs, first to English, and then to the man who made him look a fool last week. After the dust had settled, Orton found Renee Young backstage and asked her to inform Rusev that they'll be doing battle at Hell In A Cell when he wakes up. He then wished her a happy Rusev Day and took his leave.


2. The Perfect Ten Count

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The United States Title scene is a revolving around three men right now. The champ AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, and Tye Dillinger are all key players. Well, this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, the two title chasers went one on one while The Phenomenal One watched on from ringside. It wasn't exactly a number one contender's match, but it was sort of a given that whoever won the bout would gain the upper hand when it came to trying to get their hands on the US Championship. The Lone Wolf came out on top, but he used underhanded tactics to do so. Corbin threw Dillinger into an unsuspecting Styles at ringside and The Perfect 10 couldn't make it back into the squared circle before the count of ten. As Corbin made his way back up the entrance way, he challenged Styles to a title match at Hell In A Cell, a bout that is now official after Styles naturally accepted.


1. Fight Forever!

Fight forever. #KevinOwens #SamiZayn #SDLive

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Kevin Owens opened SmackDown Live this week to further discuss the issues between himself and Shane McMahon. A man who knows Owens very well, Sami Zayn, interjected to try and talk some sense into The Prizefighter. It didn't work, of course, and the end result was the two familiar foes being booked against one another in the night's main event. The match was shorter than some of the pair's previous outings, but that's only because Owens snapped,  delivering a pop-up powerbomb to Zayne on the edge of the ring apron, and following that the match was stopped. The former Universal Champion wasn't done there though. As Zayn was being helped back to the locker room Owens grabbed a steel chair and put it around the neck of The Underdog before eyeing up a nearby ring post. Lucky for Zayn, it was at this point that Shane-O Mac arrived, and Zayn was instead thrown into him as Owens escaped through the crowd.


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