5 Biggest Moments From SmackDown Live- September 5, 2017

It's hard to argue that SmackDown Live was a lot more lackluster than usual last week. The Land of Opportunity came out of SummerSlam with a bang debuting Bobby Roode and staging title matches, then a week later not a lot happened. The powers that be certainly remedied that this week. It was an explosive night for the likes of Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and more! Plus, by the sounds of things, next week's edition in Las Vegas is set to be even bigger and better. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, and for now, focus on the five biggest moments coming out of this week's SmackDown Live.


5. Dolph Remains Hung Up On Other Gimmicks

@heelziggler went through a ton of outfit changes to say the least... #SDLive

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For most of the first hour of SmackDown Live, we were teased with the "re-debut" of Dolph Ziggler. Like us, we're sure you could barely contain your excitement. Ziggler didn't have a match though and instead proceeded to mimic a number of different Superstars' entrances. First was John Cena, then the Macho Man Randy Savage, and finally Naomi. Yes, he wore the wig and the glow in the dark stuff and everything. The Showoff is clearly still hung up on the fans supposedly caring about gimmicks more than they care about wrestling ability. In all fairness Ziggler, at the moment you're not showing us very much of either.

4. Carmella Ditches Ellsworth (For About An Hour Or So)

The opening match of the night pitted Miss Money in the Bank against the SmackDown Women's Champion, in a non-title match. Carmella was doing pretty well for herself against Natalya for a while, that was until James Ellsworth stuck his nose in. The Princess of Staten Island's right-hand man got a little over zealous and attempted to inject the Money in the Bank briefcase into proceedings, but Carmella didn't want that. In the confusion, Nattie recovered and rolled up her opponent for the win. Things were about to get worse for an already distraught Ellsworth post match. Carmella had some extremely harsh words for The Chinless Wonder, including his mother should have ditched him at birth. Later in the show, however, Ellsworth begged Carmella for forgiveness. Not only did he get it, but he also got a kiss from the Princess. Then a slap. Talk about mixed messages.


3. Shane McMahon Doesn't Like Kevin Owens Talking About His Kids

#KevinOwens and @shanemcmahonwwe air their grievances to start off #SDLive!

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The opening match between Miss Money in the Bank Carmella and SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya was actually supposed to happen sooner than it did. It was put on hold for a while though when Kevin Owens decided to try and make himself the referee of the night's opening match and the show's commissioner Shane McMahon had to come and put a stop to it. Unsurprisingly, things got a little heated, especially when KO brought up Shane's kids. The Prizefighter continued to push McMahon's buttons and the final straw came when Owens said that his kids would have been better off if Shane died in the helicopter crash he was involved in recently. The commissioner flew off the handle and went about delivering a beat down to KO. After Shane-O Mac was pulled off of Owens Daniel Bryan went about apologizing on Shane's behalf. Owens was having none of it though, insisting that he would be pressing criminal charges on his boss.


2. Shane McMahon Gets Suspended

The threats from Kevin Owens to press charges on Shane McMahon and to sue WWE for the attack did not fall on deaf ears. Less than an hour after the incident took place, the WWE Universe was shown Daniel Bryan taking a phone call back stage. It seemed pretty serious and when the General Manager took to the ring. Afterward, our suspicions were confirmed. The call had come from Vince McMahon. Bryan summoned Shane to the ring to explain himself, and to reveal what Shane's father had told him on the phone. The news was that Vince was indefinitely suspending his son for the tricky situation he landed WWE in through his attack on Kevin Owens.

1. Shinsuke Nakamura Is The Number One Contender

The main event for this week's SmackDown Live was touted for over a week. Randy Orton versus Shinsuke Nakamura with the winner earning the right to face Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Both men may have already lost to the Modern Day Maharajah in the past, but considering the circumstances, both also deserve another opportunity. Unfortunately, only one man could prevail, and after a hard hitting match worthy of closing the show, it was The King of Strong Style standing tall. When the match will take place exactly is yet to be announced, but Nakamura in the title picture will never get old.


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