5 Biggest Moves From Raw - Seth Rollins Puts On An Aerial Display

If WWE is going to insist on staging a Monday night show that lasts more than three hours each and every week then they need to make sure that show is peppered with big moves. Well this week on Raw they did exactly that. Lucky for you, you don't have to sift through the three hours plus in order to find the biggest of those moves. We've taken care of that for you, and here are what we believe to be the five biggest moves from Monday night's Raw.

5. Shatter Machine!

When there are two of you performing a move there are arguably more ways to make that move look both more unique and more devastating. The Dudley Boyz 3D is iconic, The New Day's Big Ending is a terrific move, and The Bludgeon Brothers seems to come up with a new tandem move every single week. Arguably the best looking tag team manoeuvre in WWE right now is the Shatter Machine. We haven't seen it for a while now though what with the absence of The Revival, but this week they returned. What's more is they picked up a victory over Heath Slater and Rhyno by using that very move. Welcome back top guys.


4. Cedric Alexander Is An Impressive Specimen

Raw played host to a cruiserweight match with a lot on the line this past Monday as Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak battled out to decide who would be the number one contender to Enzo Amore's crown. As always with WWE's cruiserweight matches there was plenty of high flying action, most of it on Alexander's part since it flies directly in the face of one of Gulak's PowerPoint slides. We witnessed the always impressive Spanish fly as well as a crazy looking suplex over the ropes. The stand out moment of the match came when Alexander launched himself over the ropes, into a front flip, took out Gulak, and then landed on his feet so he could point at an onlooking Cruiserweight Champion. Tremendous composure.


3. Kane Eats An F5

Considering how long Kane and Brock Lesnar have been around in WWE it's crazy to think that their paths have neve really crossed. Well that's all about to change. Raw got off to an explosive start this week as Kurt Angle announced that at Royal Rumble the Universal Championship will be defended in a triple threat match between Kane, Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. Angle decided to make that announcement while all three men were in the ring so naturally something of a brawl broke out immediately afterwards. Kane may not have known what an F5 felt like before but he certainly does now as The Beast Incarnate laid out The Big Red Machine. One of those at Royal Rumble and you can likely consider that title retained.


2. A Sky High Frog Splash

Jason Jordan somehow keeps worming his way into matches that he really has no right being a part of. Yes he manages to hold his own but when is the last time he actually emerged victorious? This week on Raw it was the turn of Seth Rollins to teach Jordan how it's done, and that he did. The Architect picked up a win over the gold-blooded kayfabe son of Kurt Angle and thus will go on to face Samoa Joe some time in the future. Rollins has an extremely impressive repertoire of moves and on Monday he pulled off an incredible looking frog splash. The former WWE Champion managed to leap so high that he was barely in frame. That move in particular may not have won him the match but it got him well on the way.


1. Seth's Suicide Dive

An incredibly athletic frog splash wasn't the only very impressive move that Rollins managed to pull off on Monday night. Later in the evening The Architect had a second match as he teamed with Jason Jordan and Dean Ambrose to take on Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar along with Samoa Joe. Jordan proved to be pretty useless which left the two thirds of The Shield competing in the match trying to salvage a win. They were not successful, and it was actually the move from Rollins that lands him on this list for a second time that started the ball rolling on their loss. The former WWE Champion performed an insane suicide dive, taking out Sheamus and Cesaro but also his own partner Ambrose. The move injured The Lunatic and while Rollins was distracted he got hit with a Brogue Kick, a move that won Sheamus and co the match.

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