5 Biggest Real-Life Homewreckers In WWE History

There's a history of infidelity of wrestlers in the WWE. So many days on the road and wrestlers getting close to each other during tours and trips, it's no surprise to hear that talents get together. Just look at the WWE right now and you'll notice relationships are everywhere.

From Renee Young and Dean Ambrose (who are currently on their honeymoon) to The Miz and Maryse, Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy and Carmella and Big Cass, WWE is a breeding ground for getting couples together. Unfortunately, the ones listed above are only a select few of the couples who seem to have managed to have a relationship without cheating on each other.

Below is a list of five couples and ex-relationships which have become notorious in the WWE for being ugly. These relationships ruined or almost ruined marriages and in some cases, created storylines when fans learned of the developments and wanted to see them play out on WWE programming.

5. Lita/Matt Hardy/Edge

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This was one of the more famous incidences of relationship misbehavior ever played out on live WWE television. Matt Hardy and Lita were known to be in a relationship and it looked like something Hardy believed was on the road to something very serious. Lita and Edge got together, Matt found out and made some public comments.


Edge was a bigger star at the time so Hardy was released. It didn't take long before fans started chanting for his return and while Matt was in ROH making noise on the independent scene, WWE realized there was a feud there. All parties put their beef aside enough to work a program.


4. CM Punk / Lita / AJ Lee

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CM Punk had a reputation for dating a lot of the female talent backstage. Making the list twice, for her own part, Lita is now on the list again and this time in a strange twist of fate as she was the one to get the shaft this time as Punk dumped Lita for AJ Lee.


Lee and Punk went on to became a famous WWE couple and eventually became more famous for getting married and working together to eventually leave the WWE. Neither one is high on the WWE's Christmas card list these days.

3. Shawn Stasiak / Terri Runnels/ Goldust

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When Dustin Rhodes (Runnels) debuted in the WWE it wasn't as the cowboy son of Dusty Rhodes that he was known for in WCW. In fact, he was about as far from that gimmick as possible when he showed up as Goldust. Part of this character was his Hollywood valet and real-life wife Terri Runnels.

The marriage that existed before arriving in WWE didn't last a long time afterward as Runnels got together with another WWE Superstar named Shawn Stasiak. Dustin's father Dusty Rhodes came out and said specifically that Terri was the reason for much of Goldust's hard times and that she'd cheated on him on multiple occasions.


2. Shawn Michaels / Sunny / Chris Candido / Bret Hart


Another angle to play itself out on WWE TV, this one wasn't supposed to. Backstage personal issues between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels worked their way into promos as the two were in a feud. Michaels made a comment about "Sunny days" which was in reference to Bret Hart allegedly cheating on his wife with Sunny.

Of course, at the time, Sunny was also sleeping with Michaels and she was married to the late Chris Candido. There was speculation that Michaels was also in a relationship with his current wife. This was a big huge circle of mistrust and unfaithfulness.

1. Stephanie McMahon/Chyna/Triple H

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This could be one of the most famous relationship-turns in the history of the WWE. It may be the hookup that changes the future of the WWE more than anything else as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now married and set to take over the company and run the promotion in the future.

This relationship started when Stephanie and Triple H started a secret fling behind both Vince McMahon's back and while Triple H was seeing Chyna. It led to Chyna's downward spiral and Triple H almost being fired from the company. In the end, things worked out and these two truly seem to be the perfect match. It worked out pretty well for "The Game" anyways.

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