5 Biggest Theories On Who Attacked Breezango

Some unexpected stars have been made on SmackDown Live over the last few months. Tyler Breeze and Fandango were slammed together into a tag team—and named Breezango, naturally—a while ago and were treading water for a while. At first, it felt a little like a joke was being played on the two of them and they were simply there to fill out Tuesday night's tag- team division. Breeze and 'Dango have made the best out of it though, and now fans have been left looking forward to their Fashion Files segments each week on the blue brand. They're stupid, but they're entertaining. One of the threads throughout the Fashion Files series is who keeps attacking them. It's likely safe to assume that it's a fellow tag team, but who could it be exactly?


The Ascension

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Yes, it's the most boring choice, and definitely the most obvious one, so let's be honest, it's probably the one that WWE has in mind. Konnor and Viktor have been ever present in Breezango's Fashion Files segments and were the first pairing that the two of them suspected of being behind the attacks. The former NXT Tag Team Champions have made it abundantly clear that it isn't them though, and maybe that's why WWE would think it would be a shocking swerve. There is no potential ending more lackluster to this ongoing mystery than this one. With that in mind, fans were glued to a weekly segment that was likely never meant to get over, it wouldn't be a huge shock if WWE just revealed the mystery team to be The Ascension as a way of making us forget the Fashion Files.

New Day

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Getting a little more interesting now, how about New Day? The trio came to SmackDown Live following the Superstar Shakeup earlier this year and have only really had beef with one team so far, The Usos. While the Breezango attacks have been going on Kofi, Big E, and Xavier have been embroiled in a terrific feud with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Their matches have been relegated to the pre-show at Battleground and SummerSlam, and all five men involved have shown that was a mistake on WWE's part. Their rivalry with The Usos can't last forever though, and neither can the power of positivity. There's only room for one comedy act on Tuesday nights, and maybe that slot will be occupied by Breezango while New Day turn heel.


The Colons

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The New Day wasn't the only team to move over to the blue brand during the Superstar Shakeup. Primo and Epico Colon, formerly known as The Shining Stars when they were on Raw, arrived on SmackDown Live with a bang. The whole point of the Shakeup was to seemingly breathe new life into some acts, and no one needed that more than this pair. At first, it looked promising, they had arrived in the land of opportunity, after all, then all of a sudden they just vanished. There is really only one way to reintroduce them to TV at this point with any sort of impact, and that's to reveal them as the masterminds behind the attacks on Breezango.


Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

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Primo and Epico are not the only Superstars who are currently inexplicably absent from SmackDown Live. Former Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been AWOL for a while now, and it's extremely unclear as to why. Harper, in particular, looked on the verge of something great earlier this year. The former Intercontinental Champion was very much a part of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton's feud over the WWE Championship, and it looked like it would be his stepping stone to the big time. Obviously, that hasn't panned out for him. This one is a pretty likely outcome for the reveal of Tyler and 'Dango's attackers and would be a pretty interesting way to reintroduce Harper and Rowan back to television.

The Authors Of Pain

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This final one has to be the choice that the majority of the WWE Universe is hoping for. The Authors of Pain have been one of the most surprising acts to come out of NXT. They entered a tag team division being dominated by pairings very different to themselves with the likes of The Revival and DIY. Fans were a little dubious about what they were going to bring to the table, but AOP  proved their doubters wrong with some incredible matches. At NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Akam and Rezar lost their Tag Team Titles. Since then, we've not heard a thing from the former champs and we've been left questioning whether they'll follow another Superstar who lost his NXT title in Brooklyn, Bobby Roode, to SmackDown Live. Breezango will be the only ones hoping these two aren't the ones behind their attacks as if they are, the future looks bleak for the Fashion Police.

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