As always, we take a weekly look at the rumors and speculation surrounding the WWE this week. From potential signings to future matches, there is a lot going on in the world of professional wrestling.

WWE looks to be bringing in a few new faces come the new year, an old face vacated a title and might be done in the WWE, Vince McMahon is considering major changes to his business portfolio, and the women got their own historic match, but did they know?

While we ponder what’s on the horizon in the WWE remember, the below are rumors and nothing more. We believe there is some merit to what’s being discussed but like any rumor, we could be incredibly wrong. Here are five of the biggest rumors in WWE this week.

Ziggler Isn’t Quitting


Even though there have been rumors Dolph Ziggler may be leaving WWE and that after vacating the U.S. Title on Tuesday, it appears there would be some merit to that idea, Ziggler is still wrestling house shows and live events.

It appears the WWE creative team is doing something unique with this idea, and while Ziggler is going to be kept off of TV for a couple weeks, there is something big in the works when it comes to him and the U.S. Title.

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Women’s Royal Rumble


While fans on the Internet speculated that the women of WWE might be getting their own Royal Rumble match long before the announcement was made by Stephanie McMahon on Raw this past week, there were many of the women in WWE who had no idea.

It is being reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that the plan was very closely guarded secret and that the wrestlers in the ring during the segment were reacting with initial shock having found out for the first time. The match is expected to have 30 women.

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Jordan In The Shield


For those fans in the WWE Universe who aren’t warming up to Jason Jordan, the latest bit of news is probably not good. With Dean Ambrose injured and out of action, Jordan has been pegged to take his place as a member of the Shield in his absence and will be tagging with Seth Rollins.

The Shield can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to injuries but McMahon seems to believe the group’s popularity will trickle down to Jordan whose character hasn’t been well received.


Orton Moving to Part Time

Randy Orton may be finishing his WWE career as a full-time performer. It looks like Orton is scheduled to take some time off in in February and March 2018 and speculation is that he’s looking to spend as much time with his family as he can.

The rumor is he’s looking for a reduced schedule from here on in but there’s no timetable on an official retirement. Orton hasn’t been used to his full capacity in WWE the last few months and this is likely not going to cause a rift between himself and the company.

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Vince Changing His Business Portfolio


There has been some interesting speculation that Vince McMahon is interested in changing things up when it comes to his business holdings. He started a company called Alpha Entertainment and in that process filed trademarks related to the XFL. That, of course, brought speculation he might be looking to kick the defunct football league back into gear.

Even more interesting is the rumor that McMahon is taking feelers on selling WWE. He considered the option when he saw what UFC sold for.


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