5 Biggest WWE Rumors This Week- When Will Raw Retaliate?

This was an extremely busy week for the WWE and not particularly in a good way either. Due to uncontrollable absences and illnesses, this past Sunday's TLC pay-per-view was hit with some major last-minute changes. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt were out and AJ Styles and Kurt Angle were in.

Yet, before the company could really address those changes, Survivor Series snuck into the picture and WWE was on its way to outlining how that event would come together. SmackDown Live invaded Raw and matches were set, challenges were made and accepted and old storylines were pushed aside.

Here are five of the biggest rumors this week in WWE.

5. Raw's Retaliation

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Most people expected Raw to retaliate on Tuesday. Shane McMahon prepared the troops, Daniel Bryan warned it was coming and the announcers brought it to the attention of the WWE Universe on more than one occasion. They didn't show up.

Speculation from Cageside Seats is that Raw is going to leave the blue brand hanging for weeks until the final show before Survivor Series when they attack with a vengeance. It will leave SmackDown Live paranoid and fighting amongst each other. The show will keep teasing the invasion which will keep eyeballs coming back to the blue brand.

4. The "It Couple"

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The Miz and Maryse might be getting their own reality television show in the same way Total Bellas and Total Divas was produced, according to Cageside Seats. The show will be called The It Couple and will feature their marriage. It will also include close friends of The Miz like Dolph Ziggler and musician Ryan Cabrera.

It will follow Maryse's pregnancy and their ups and downs through normal life. WWE is hoping it takes off on a platform not necessarily built around WWE Network.

3. Unlikely Tag Team

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Rusev is going to be put in another spot he might not love. It appears as though he's going to get teamed with Aiden English and the two will form a regular tag team.

English has been his best when teamed with Rusev, but for Rusev, this is another demotion and a clear sign that WWE isn't sure what to do. It's also directly opposite how front and center he was during the attack on the Raw Superstars.


2. John Cena the Special Guest Ref

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It appears as though the WWE is going to bring in a special guest referee for the Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal match at Survivor Series. According to Cageside Seats,  that this ref will be none other than John Cena.

This isn't a for sure as WWE is asking other people as well, but for now, most people don't want to the spot. The idea is that a storyline develops out of it between Mahal and Cena which could lead to Cena going for the WWE Championship.

1. Title Changes Unlikely

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The matches as listed for Survivor Series are expected to be the matches that take place. This means that there will be no title changes between now and Nov. 19, 2017, and heels might wrestle heels and babyfaces wrestle babyfaces (not an ideal situation).

This could make for some very boring episodes of Raw and SmackDown Live with nothing on the line in any of the matches. If title matches are announced between now and Survivor Series, the outcomes will be fairly predictable.


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