The Best And Worst Member Of These Legendary WWE Stables

Over the years, plenty of superstars have joined forces to create a stable in the WWE, some of which were extremely successful while others fell flat. In every faction, there is always one member who stands out from his partners to become the star of the show.

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There have been cases where multiple members excelled at the same time, but most fans will always rank one higher than the rest. Whether it is related to in-ring ability, mic skills, charisma or impact on the industry - these factors are all decisive when it comes to ranking. Let's take a look at the best and worst members of some of the biggest stables ever!

Evolution - Best: Batista

Some fans may disagree with this pick, considering that Batista was last to join Evolution as well as the final member to break out as a solo performer. Ric Flair was the most iconic, Randy Orton had the most potential, while Triple H was the most dominant. But Batista was always the one to impress on all fronts, from his powerful wrestling style to his undeniable swagger.

After turning on his fellow members, Batista became the face of the WWE for a number of years. Given that Evolution launched him to the top (unlike the rest), Batista is certainly worthy of such praise.

Evolution - Worst: Ric Flair

With all due respect to the 16-time World Champion, he played the role of a sidekick throughout his run with Evolution. From managing fellow members to running in for assistance, his role was greatly diminished upon his return to the WWE in 2002.

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Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista all became World Heavyweight Champions in the span of two years, while Flair was only given a reign as Tag Team Champion. Make no mistake about it, Flair was still as sharp as ever on the mic, but he was too far removed from his prime years to rank over his peers.

The Hart Foundation - Best: Bret Hart

Owen Hart may have been equally as talented inside the squared circle as his brother Bret, but the latter was certainly the more complete superstar. In fact, he is the main reason behind the massive success of The Hart Foundation, as Bret was beloved by the WWE universe.

He was putting on great matches on a weekly basis, while also selling merchandise for so many years. When discussing The Hart Foundation, Bret remains the most popular and praised member among fans and critics alike. He was able to ascend from the tag team division to the main event scene and never looked back.

The Hart Foundation - Worst: Jim Neidhart

There is no shame in being the worst member of such a legendary stable when you have some all-time greats as partners. Jim Neidhart was a great talent who belonged with the very best, but he didn't come close to Owen Hart, and especially not Bret.

He had a successful journey and shone during the Golden Years as a valuable member of the tag team scene. Unfortunately, he wasn't as big as a solo performer and never reached main event status. That's not to mention the fact that he was stuck with the infamously bad gimmick known as "Who" late in his career.

The New Day - Best: Kofi Kingston

The jury is still out on this one, as the stable remains intact as of today. Given the success Kofi Kingston has enjoyed this year, though, it's tough to rank any of his stable-mates over him.

All three are well-versed on the mic and charismatic, but Kingston is the better all-around performer. With his athleticism and in-ring skillset, it's no wonder that Kingston was able to transition effortlessly into a main eventer. With that being said, he has been a member of the WWE the longest out of all three, so it's possible that Big E or Xavier Woods may surpass him in the rankings in the future.

The New Day - Worst: Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods has been essential to the success of The New Day. Not many superstars can hang with him on the mic today, as he has been the voice of the stable since its beginnings. When it comes to wrestling ability, however, Kofi Kingston and Big E have shown to be superior in that regard.

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Woods is no slouch and is certainly more than capable of putting on good matches from singles competition to tag teams, true enough. If we were to rank all three members in overall talent and accomplishments, though, Kingston would be first, with Big E in second and Woods last.

The Shield - Best: Seth Rollins

All three members of The Shield have been successful throughout their journeys. Roman Reigns has been pushed the most by far, while Dean Ambrose is a notch above his mates on the mic - leaving Seth Rollin as the best in-ring performer.

All three have been among the top stars in the industry since the inception of the stable, but Rollins has always been superior as the most complete superstar. At his very best, Ambrose could have a strong case for being better than Rollins, but that's tough to call. When it comes to overall body work, Rollins has been the most consistent with an impressive resume of his own.

The Shield - Worst: Roman Reigns

Certainly the most accomplished of the stable, as well as his generation, Roman Reigns has won it all: from being a three-time World Heavyweight Champion to Universal Champion, as well as Royal Rumble winner, and Grand Slam Champion.

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Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are superior as wrestlers, but Reigns' appearance makes him the ideal new face of the company. That's not to dismiss his all-around talent, however, as Reigns is still one of the best today. He just happens to be the least valuable and intriguing character on The Shield, with Ambrose and Rollins playing more valuable roles.

D-Generation X - Best: Triple H

Many fans will always place Shawn Michaels at the very top, and rightfully so. He was the biggest act of D-Generation X during the stable's prime years, although he was overtaken later on by Triple H.

Given that he was the WWE Champion, Michaels was widely entertaining to watch inside and outside of the ring. But DX helped Triple H the most out of his bunch, as he went from a struggling mid-carder to a top star in the WWE. Once Michaels got injured, Triple H instantly took over as the leader of the movement and went on to take it to unprecedented heights.

D-Generation X - Worst: Rick Rude

Rick Rude was one of the founding members of D-Generation X, even if he may not be credited as such. He was a part of the stable along with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chyna for the first few months of its foundation.

As he had been retired from in-ring competition at the time, Rude was the outside enforcer for DX with his intimidating presence. He simply didn't last long enough with the faction to hold a higher ranking, nor was he involved in DX's most memorable moments. The stable peaked shortly after Rude had once again left the WWE to join WCW.

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